MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NYT Erupted – by little tboca

Everyone probably knows by now the debt ceiling bill was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate will vote on it tomorrow around 1:00. The Senate vote is pretty much a shoo in because they wouldn’t want to take the blame for a default.

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NYT (the Dumpsters) are having a meltdown; they see this pretty much as an “Act of War” against their establishment.

The Dumpsters are at it again, but this time their garbage is tainted with new threats and accusations. The Liberal News Media believes that Obama and many Democrats have dumped them on their heads without so much as a thank you. After all they’re the reason Obama was elected in 2008 and they’re the ones who have defended every little move the Obama man has made.

Now they’re sort of huddled in a corner gasping, clawing and fighting like a bunch of junk yard dogs. Their ideology that they’ve coddled, promoted and lied about seems to be losing its clout! So the Liberal News Media has come out swinging like a bunch of red faced or is it red _ _ _ _ _ baboons.

They’ve tossed out the race card and replaced it with name calling and are having a feed frenzy on the tea parties. Joe Biden referred to the tea parties as terrorists today. Chris Matthews also called tea parties terrorists and added that Republicans are abolitionists.

Media Matters – continues their sick agenda on taxpayer’s money. This is one venue that Americans should quit funding. Their tax exemption status needs to be removed immediately!

CNN – Gloria Borger said this weekend the Tea Party has “hijacked” the GOP and in so doing prevented Barack Obama from becoming a “transformational president.” Gloria is once sick little puppy dog and without the hijackers(tea parties) we wouldn’t have control of the House of Representatives right now and because of the hijackers (tea parties) Republicans will probably control the Senate and hopefully the Presidency for 2012.

NYT – Paul Krugman says that the debt ceiling deal, or at least the form it took on Sunday, portends economic disaster. Paul elaborates even further saying that government spending shouldn’t be cut during a depressed economy. Paul stays true his ideology and feels we can spend our way right out of this recession.

CBS – They’re pretty much using the usual scare tactics about SS and Medicare implying that in the near future the entitlement programs will be thrown on the table to be diced and sliced. CBS doesn’t mention that both programs are on the road to doom, if not revised.

The Liberal News Media will go down in history as the establishment that chose a “sick ideology” over the welfare of their Nation and fellow citizens. Over the years, the Liberal News Media has promoted big government, redistribution and excessive spending; they’ve pretty much dominated the airways with their political rhetoric and propaganda.

They’re angry, confused and blaming the tea parties, the Republicans, the taxpayers, businesses (big and small) for our debt ceiling crisis for they’ve never been able to zip up their big boy pants and join Americans in restoring our Nation’s once strong foundation.

The first time in many moons, Washington had to stop their blatant spending spree and start addressing the real problems in our Country. Although, most of us are fatigued from their bickering and fighting, yesterday might possibly be one of the most important days of our lives.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca