Obama & DEMS Lost "KISS" - by little tboca

The debt ceiling crisis, if it’s in fact a crisis has stumped 536 of United States finest politicians or should that be rephrased by merely saying those serving in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the President don’t have a clue about balancing a budget.

American families have know for years how to balance a budget; they know if you’re spending more than you take in, you’re headed for a financial crash. It’s pretty simple to balance a budget, although in actuality this isn’t addressed by our fair haired politicians.

Instead they’re talking about slight decreases in our National Deficit over a span of eight to ten years, in the meantime our deficit keeps growing and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a slew of economists to figure this out…

What should be on the table is this; (1) Government income for a month – how much money is actually being collected by the government, (2) List priorities – include the Military, SS, Medicare, unemployment checks and the recipients of surplus or money left over should be decided not by Timothy Geithner, but by the American people.

Americans know we’re going to take another critical hit below the belt, but they’re willing to do whatever it takes to restore our Nation’s once strong foundation.

Next, our Government needs to list all beneficiaries receiving grants and freebies from the taxpayers, such as NPR, Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and foreign countries receiving money who never reciprocate, Next list lenders and businesses who haven’t paid back our stimulus money and the list just rambles on including EPA’s blatant spending of our money.

Once this list of beneficiaries is completed, Republicans and Democrats need to ruthlessly eliminate all of this unnecessary waste. If we don’t have it – we should be borrowing to fund these various outside entities.

Americans priorities should be this; (1) Insist, or even fight to remove the frivolous regulations against businesses (big and small,) removing all tax loopholes, (2) A panel to monitor the FEDS on a daily basis, (3) Repeal Obamacare ASAP, and (4) Insist on transparency – all bills or changes in spending or Government expenditures should be posted one week before a vote.

Granted this appears rather easy, but its not and until Americans restores the United States to a government of the people, by the people and for the people, we will remain a victim of our present Government.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca