Americans When Will We Take Back Our Country?

Is it any wonder that Americans are confused, disillusioned and angry? The News Media, along with the Politicians hand us our daily dose of information, which is so twisted and disguised that none of us know what is real and what is political rhetoric laced with lies.

But, there are some facts that can’t be denied by our Government:

1. Debt ceiling was raised February 2010 and we’re experiencing inflation, consumer goods including food and fuel keep creeping up. Now July 27, 2011 our Government insists that more monopoly money must be printed, which means Americans will once again be the ones to pick up the pieces for a corrupt Government who can’t balance their budget.

2. Obamacare has hidden taxes and loopholes that will be a terrible burden on businesses and private individuals.

3. TARP, HARP, HAMP and the other defunct Obama plans have harmed our Nation, not strengthened it.

4. The Libya war is costing us millions a day plus cost of missiles.

5. Companies like General Electric and Bank of America decline to pay taxes, but were most happy to grab some of our stimulus money.

6. NPR and Planned Parenhood can certainly sustain themselves without bleeding the taxpayers.

7. Media Matter – needs to pay back taxes, because they certainly snookered everyone when they lied to the Government about qualifying for tax exemption status.

8. Politifact states that Federal Government employees have risen since 2009. Non-postal federal employment — about 10 percent of all government employment — increased over the same period by 139,000 workers, or 6.7 percent.

9. Democrats had over 800 days to implement a budget; they refused to balance the budget because that would eliminate their “redistribution agenda.”

10. FEDS are an elite club of some type and taxpayers get kicked to the back of the bus when we ask, “What are the feds doing with our money?”

11. Billions of dollars in grant money goes out our Government’s back door for ridiculous non sensical research etc. – frankly none of us care how long a shrimp can work out on a treadmill.

12. Our stimulus money was placed into the hands of many corrupt organizations and Republicans, Democrats and Obama should be ashamed of themselves.
This is but a few facts that are truth based, but it gives Americans an idea of why America is basically broke; we’re spending much more than we take in – our Government has a spending addiction.

Americans, there will be a time when we must stop, take our hits and put our Nation back on the road to recovery. The “he said, she said” political crap must be stopped; our Government hasn’t acted responsibly and we must remove the power and blank check from their grasping claws.

Logic tells us we can’t spend our way out of debt; that’s what S & P is telling us. The day will come when we have to make hard choices, everyone will take a hit no doubt about that…

EPA, NPR, Planned Parenthood, frivolous grants, entitlements, down – sizing the Government and much more will cross our plates and we must ruthlessly make the cuts for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

We must take our Country back and kick the Republican and Democrats sacred cows out the door for we want to leave a legacy to future generations that they can embrace with pride.

Today would be a great day to start, but if not today there will be a time in the near future that Americans must return our once strong Nation back to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca