Obama Has Lost His Pizazz!

Americans are tired of Obama jumping on National TV every day with his canned campaign speech – he’s one person who can’t rub his head and pat his tummy at the same time. His speeches are canned, predictable and boring. How many times must one endure his rhetoric and lies? We get it regardless of what he says; he’s all about redistribution and big Government.

Democrats and Republicans called their own meetings without inviting the Obama God. Both sides realize he’s a detriment not an asset, so they dumped him! Last evening Obama’s speech was predictable, non –sensical; nothing more than a 2012 campaign speech hoping to attract American voters and solidify his Democratic base.

First he must blame someone – President Bush took the hit again.
Next, he attempts to scare the elderly – basically saying if the debt ceiling isn’t raised it will result in default and over the cliff they’ll go…
Than he throws a scare at all Americans – saying bills won’t be paid if we default. He said he would not be able to pay all of the government’s bills, including Social Security checks and veterans’ benefits.
Next he played the blame game – saying Republicans want a “cut only” plan.

Finally his big hit was on those earning over 250,000 per year – he says the wealthy aren’t being asked to contribute anything.

So the wrap up of this speech comes down to this – he doesn’t have a plan his speech was poetic rhetoric laced with one lie after another. S & P told GOD, Democrats and Republicans that the credit rating would drop if we don’t reduce budget deficits and reduce the National Debt. This means the Government must stop the spending spree and ruthlessly slash the National Debt; there’s no negotiation here!

Around the Nation in a Flash:

CNN – has reluctantly been kept busy exposing their Democratic base. They just finished with the Weiner body parts and now they have an Oregon Congressman (U.S. Rep. David Wu) who’s resigning due to a daughter of one of Wu’s fund-raisers accused him of unwanted sexual advances in May.

In March of this year, Rep. Alcee Hastings was accused of sexual harassment of an employee for a period of about two years.

Eric Massa Resigns over Sexual Harassment Charges Further Disgracing Democrats in March 2010 and the sordid list just keeps rambling on…

Possibly there’s a connection between Liberals and sexual dysfunctions, maybe the Liberal ideology ravages the mind. Pelosi and Schultz seem to be cut from the same Liberal cloth; both repeatedly tell falsehoods pretty much on a daily basis.

Look at Debbie Wasserman Schultz a perfect example of a Liberal woman struggling with truth. Politifact – exposed her blatant lie the first of July when she said, “The Medicare proposal by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., would “allow insurance companies to deny you coverage and drop you for pre-existing conditions.” — False according to Politifact

Look at Pelosi – she said, “In the first year of the Obama administration, more jobs were created in the private sector than in the eight years of the Bush administration.” — False, False, False according to Politifact. Frankly we didn’t need Politifact to verify that Pelosi and Wasserman are lying!

It has to be the “ideology” that is affecting the minds of MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NYT – their inability to discuss both sides of a story pretty much reflects back to what Obama said, their news is splintered; it’s one sided and without merit.

After being immersed in the garbage trenches for so many years, it’s no wonder that they’ve lost contact with reality. Ironically, their children, grandchildren and friends are being demonized by this sick group of so called journalists. I guess it just goes to show Americans, that the Liberal News Media will sell anything including their kids if the price is right.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca