Obama Has Turned On Democrats and Liberal News Media

by little tboca

What we’re experiencing in our White House is a sick depraved three ring circus without a ringmaster. Boehner is crumbling, Obama is dictating – the House and Senate are performing their political shenanigans. First, let’s check out Obama’s new aggressive media ploy before we discuss Boehner’s demise.

Obama’s blame game took a severe left turn and shocked his partners in crime. Poor MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT and CBS were just slam dunked by the Obama God. It’s apparent that the Liberal News Media is fractured, but Obama set them on their heels when he called them splintered.

They’re sitting at their desk gnashing their teeth and angry beyond words that they have been thrown into the “debt ceiling” mix. Did Obama forget that the Liberal News Media are the ones who ushered him into the Presidency in 2009? They have two left feet, two left shoes and that’s pretty much why Obama calls their news splintered; actually it was Obama that finally exposed the Liberal News Media.

There’s no accounting for the way this person thinks, but one thing sure is this – he’ll darn sure find someone to blame for his ineptness as a Presidential leader. Actually what he’s saying is what Americans have known for a long time, the Liberal News Media comes to the table with only one side of the news which is their nature.

After thoroughly spanking the news media, he ordered Boehner, Pelosi, Reid and McConnell to meet him at the White House @ 11:00 AM with answers on how to get this thing done (meaning the budget and debt ceiling.) So there you go, he doesn’t have a plan, no plan, no budget and he’s clueless as usual.

Did he forget that the Executive Branch hasn’t the authority to issue orders to the Congress for as Charles Krauthammer said the Executive Branch and Congress are coequals? They’re not his servants!

Then in a speech on National TV, he spun a web of lies again that reek of his anxiety to return to his 2012 Presidential campaign. In an attempt to sway Americans again, he states that he has a plan in hand, but we all know that’s not true.

It’s going on three years and he didn’t consider a budget anything of importance; he was hired to redistribute our money and bring our Nation to our knees and he’s succeeded in doing both.

Weeks ago he drew his line in the sand; (1) He won’t accept a short extension of the debt ceiling, (2) He wants businesses big and small to take the fall for his economic mess that he’s created, and (3) He wants the “debt ceiling” to go past 2012, because he doesn’t want to be bothered with it during the remainder of his Presidential Campaign.

This doesn’t sound like a President, it sounds more like a spoiled brat who wants what he wants when he wants it! Of course he won’t consider Paul Ryan’s budget or the Cut, Cap and Balance Republican plan because either plan would literally end his obsessive spending spree and slow his redistribution agenda down to a crawl.

Basically the rest of his speech is blaming Republicans and accusing them of not being able to say “yes” to anything. He neglects one very important fact; he didn’t share with America that his Administration changed budget figures in midstream. He blamed Boehner for parting company with them; Boehner had every right to leave the room when he realized the original budget had been changed.

Obama has worn out his welcome with Democrats and Republicans; he’s now an outsider. Realizing this he’s requested more airtime on National TV in a last minute attempt to save face.

Just as I was going to suggest that Americans need to take time out to thank John Boehner for he’s trying to do the right thing for our Country – I heard that he may be getting weak in the knees again for he has revised yet another plan to present to Obama and gang.

In reality, not raising the “debt ceiling” is the best idea; we might as well take our hit now before our debt devours our Nation. Why Republicans are allowing the FEDS and the Obama Administration to make mince-meat out of our economy remains a mystery. The fact that Republicans didn’t stand up for Paul Ryan’s plan shows a major discord within their ranks.

Boehner and Republicans should have presented the “cut, cap and balance” and said,” this is as good as it gets.” We have nothing more to discuss – either our way or no way DEMS; you have had over 800 days to get a budget in place. In essence this places the monkey on the Democrat’s back and they would be responsible for the outcome of the “debt crisis” for the Republicans have responded in good faith, three times with a plan.

So far Obama still doesn’t have a plan, although Reid, Pelosi and Geithner are scrambling to bring a plan to the table, but you can be sure it will screw the American people in the end. Pelosi will tell us to pass it now and read it later!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca