Dumpsters Garbage in Garbage out - Liberal News Media

by little tboca
Around the Nation in a Flash:

CNN – in their typical manner of reporting the news, slap Republican hands and refuse to share the two logical workable budget plans presented by Republicans. Instead, they initiate their usual scare tactics saying Geithner and Bernanke says the sky will fall if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

Bernanke has lead us down this destructive financial path for 8 years and he’s itching to print more monopoly money, which in reality will continue shoving us over the cliff as inflation and unemployment are nipping at our heels.

Timothy Geithner of all people should have addressed our debt problems months ago – supposedly he’s the man around town who knows what balancing a budget entails, but good Old Tim just keeps kicking that can down the road. After all he’s planning on splitting in the near future!

MSNBC – gives their version of the debt ceiling crisis and one must wonder if they’re real journalists or some tabloid in disguise trying to improve their bottom line. They just don’t get it! They should be exposing the Democrats who ignored the budget situation for years and still as of 7/24/11 they’re without a plan. We can’t keep raising the debt ceiling without ruthlessly reducing our National Deficit problems.

They should be discussing the need for immediate budget cuts instead of raving over a few billion that will be saved over 10 to 15 years according to Obama and the DEMS. They should be reporting the problems with SS and Medicare and showing Americans why there must be major revisions to the two existing programs. Both programs have a short life and will be non-existent for our children, grandchildren and future generations if immediate steps aren’t taken.

NYT – They’re backing Obama as he adamantly refuses to consider the two Republican budget plans. Obama will not accept a temporary extension of the debt ceiling because it would harm his campaign for 2012. NYT needs to talk about the big picture during this recession. The credit rating they’re talking about has one pretty easy solution, which is reducing the National Deficit.

Here’s what Standard and Poors says; Standard & Poor’s put the U.S. government on notice that it risks losing its AAA credit rating unless policy makers agree on a plan by 2013 to reduce budget deficits and the national debt.

Media Matters – has screwed up their information on global warming. It’s a scam backed by Al Gore, the White House and Liberal News Media. Please read the blog on global warming.


It’s a strong possibility that the Liberal News Media in their attempt to give Obama a second term, they’ve neglected some very important facts.

S&P says reduce our National Deficit now, so kicking the can down the road until 2012 isn’t an option. Steve Wynn tells the world why businesses are stagnant, so backing Obama on tax increases probably isn’t a smart solution.

The Liberal News Media lives in a life of complacency and denial; they refuse to discuss both sides of the story. Their only reason for existence appears to be political and this will prove to be very short lived if they don’t start discussing the “nitty gritty” that has caused the recession and it darn sure wasn’t BUSH.

Democrats have been in power since 2006, so they must shoulder the responsibility for an increase in the National Deficit of 4.7 trillion. They’re responsible for 9.2% unemployment due to their leader’s corrupt ideology (whatever you want to call it.) The Democrats are personally responsible for the misuse of the stimulus money and why hasn’t the Liberal News Media exposed their scam on taxpayers?

Steve Wynn discussed the many reasons that we’re not coming out of this recession. Obamacare, possibility of taxes being increased and the increased regulations placed on businesses big and small. Here’s what Steve said, “Democratic and Republican business people are afraid of the Government now and he said, “Everybody’s afraid of the government and there’s no need soft peddling it, it’s the truth.”

The Liberal News Media are the robots of the Socialist; they’re the little monkeys who do the dance for the organ grinders who collect taxpayers’ money. They don’t get paid for thinking; they get paid for promoting Socialism. If you ask any of them a few questions, you’ll get a canned response from all of them.

For example:
Why are we in a recession? They’ll blame it on Bush, Republicans, the tea parties and dumb Americans.

What happened to our stimulus money? That’s a secret that we’re not allowed to talk about.

Why are businesses refusing to hire, grow or stimulate economy? They’ll deny that Obamacare, outlandish business regulations and the threat of taxes are the real problems.

What has Obama accomplished in the past 21/2 years? They’ll say, he’s created millions of jobs, brought us out of a recession caused by Republicans and that our economy is pretty darned good.

Why do we have to raise our debt ceiling again? They’ll definitely not answer that question, but they’ll toss it to Obama, Bernanke and Geithner who will say because, because, because!

Why doesn’t Obama and Democrats have a balanced budget plan? They’ll ignore that question and immediately blame Republicans, tea parties and Americans for our budget problems.

So folks, if it’s garbage you enjoy reading then tune into the Dumpsters @ MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT and CBS or better yet do your homework and find out the truth.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca