Obama, Where's the Plan - by little tboca

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT, CBS Are Dumping Again – the Dumpsters are doing their daily dumping, garbage in and garbage out as usual but with a twist this time, today the Liberal News once again has much been caught with their trousers down. What plan are they talking about, where’s the plan, who has the plan or better yet why are they lying?

They’re all pretending that Obama has a plan regarding the debt ceiling and National Deficit. As of 10:00 o’clock Tonight Democrats and Republicans haven’t seen his plan, basically because there isn’t any plan.

This debt ceiling crisis is nothing more than a political scam; Obama’s Administration had years to establish a budget so what’s the huff all at once, could it be the 2012 Presidential Election?

MSNBC – of course are bashing the Republicans over the debt ceiling, they don’t wish to discuss Obama’s real plan. Oops, I forgot Obama doesn’t have a real plan. Well maybe a little one where he raises taxes on businesses, you know the hard working people who are the bread and butter of our Nation. And, he’s thinking a lot about another stimulus plan, although it will probably be called “Job Creation Plan,” or better yet maybe he’ll call it his “Pet Redistribution Plan.”

MSNBC is talking about problems within the Republican ranks, let’s take a peek at the Democrats at this time, because MSNBC surely won’t mention that the DEMS problems on top of problems. Looking back the Democrats detested Obama’s last screwed up budget and they all refused to vote for it.

In 2010, the Democrats rebelled loudly and wildly about the tax extension Obama wanted passed. Now, Nancy Pelosi has drawn a line in the sand on resolving the entitlement problems; good ole Nancy is back doing what she always did well.

She herds all the DEMS into a corner and says, ‘you will be sent to your room for a long time out with a sizeable cut in pay, if you go against me this time;” the DEMS hang their head in shame and just say yes, ma’am, yes ma’am.

Why doesn’t MSNBC, Media Matters, NYT, CBS and CNN expose the sneaky tricks the Democrats are trying to pull off during the “debt ceiling” crisis; they’re blindsiding Americans again by giving the appearance of cutting back on our National Deficit.

They want to stop subsidies on corporate jet-owners and oil company tax breaks. Charles Krauthammer said these two ideas have nothing to do with the present debt; he went on to say it would take 50 years of collecting revenue from these two sources. (Does anyone really think we have 50 years to solve our debt problem?

Why isn’t the Liberal News Media asking the Democrats about the big gaping tax loopholes for General Electric and Bank of America? Why are they using corporate jet-owners and oil companies as the scapegoats?

What’s good for one is good for all, but the thick headed Democrats can’t function that way; like the free waivers handed out for the Obamacare monstrosity.

It’s all about friendship, who they like, who’s donating the largest amounts of money to the DNC pot – you know it’s just sort of a cuddly fuzzy thing. The DEMS run a “You pat my fanny, I’ll pat yours” kind of organization,” in other words for the right price the DEMS will sell about anything including their mothers.

Around the Nation in a Flash: Let’s check our CNN, Media Matters, NYT and CBS tonight.

CNN – gives the illusion that Obama is prepared to make deep cuts, but it’s just idle lingo spewing from Obama’s mouth. He will not put a plan in writing, because he doesn’t have a plan. Obama states he will not accept a short term extension for the Federal Debt Ceiling and he won’t budge on his plan to raise taxes on those making over 250,000. In fact, this is his usual “cat and mouse” game. Big talk, no action and no plan!
CNN either doesn’t ever do their homework or they’re totally in the dark here mentioning that senior citizens might not receive their SS checks on time. This is a scare tactic, just like locking the August 2nd date into place saying that’s the day; the sky will fall if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

Media Matters – Is still dumping their garbage around town about FOX news, but they probably should be ringing up old Soros and asking him for an advance, because they owe an awful lot in back taxes since they misrepresented their online business and received a tax exempt status from us.

CBS – is playing follow the leader with the other Liberal News Media stating that Obama presses on a debt deal. But, no one not even the Democrats has seen his plan in writing. So far, all Obama has offered to America is a bunch of gibberish that equates to a big tub full of s_ _ _ _!

Obama is playing his magician trick again, pretending that he has a rabbit in his hat that will save the day. Obama doesn’t have anything in his hat, but hot air and Americans have had all of Obama’s “Hot Air,” that they can stand. We all know the corporate jet owners aren’t the problem – in fact it would take 75 to 100 years of collecting revenue from them to pay down the National Deficit.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca