Obama Isn't America's Friend - by little tboca

7/13/11So the DEMS and Liberal News Media are parading around like chickens with their heads cut off crowing over the 85 or 86 million that Obama has received in campaign donations.
But Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager sort of let a few very pertinent things about Obama’s 2012 campaign. Over half of the campaign donations were from new non-voters – that is a big red flag for all Democrats, because their supporters have definitely started jumping ship.

38 million is for the DNC, so Obama has around 47 million for his Obama Victory fund, which isn’t that much when you look at the expenses incurred. Obama has been campaigning for months 24/7; he’s been MIA for 2 1/2 years. 60 field offices have been planted across the USA with a promise of many more to come; this is very, very expensive.

Next the money spent online for this 2012 campaign will equate into many, many millions of dollar outlay. Taxpayers will definitely be supporting his veracious campaign appetite as he uses our Air force one like his favorite “lollipop” traveling from coast to coast.

Knowing the way Obama operates, you better believe he’ll use taxpayer’s money, because he’s already exposed himself as a true con-artist. Don’t forget the notorious person, Jesse Lee who was hired to extinguish all of Obama’s political fires. Jesse’s not cheap so we’re getting to pay for all of Jesse’s under the table expenses plus a nice fat salary.

Obama may be swaying the Hispanics again as he has ordered ICE to stop deporting illegal aliens except those handed over from outside agencies. Ice Union has squealed on his unorthodox memos to ICE. Obama is one busy boy, in fact so busy that most of us can’t keep up with his shenanigans.

For those who hang onto Obama’s coat tails, please remember your children, grandchildren and generations to come will suffer from his dictatorship style that is attempting to take our freedoms from us and gain total control of our every movement and thought. Who do you think will be left to pick up the pieces? Do you think you’re going to get away scot free without being tarnished?

This man you call Obama isn’t your friend, never was and never will be – he’s obsessed with an ideology that will destroy our Nation, if he isn’t stopped. He’s not stupid, nor naive; he is very powerful and extremely dangerous.

Obama should have removed Eric Holder immediately due to the Fast and Furious and Gun Runner Programs that encouraged selling high powered weapons to the drug cartel. Obama knew about these programs, the same way that he knew the Border States are struggling with the illegal alien problem and declined to help them.

Obama knows where our stimulus money has been distributed, mainly to those who gave him large campaign contributions; it’s called a political favor. Obama knew that Obamacare wouldn’t save Americans any money on their healthcare and he knew that billions had been hidden in the bill that taxpayers will be responsible for…

Obama knows there is plenty of money to pay SS, Medicare, Medicaid etc., if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. If SS checks didn’t go out timely, it would be because Obama doesn’t consider it a priority.

Obama is about “redistribution, big government and control of the people (rich and poor.) This man has accomplished a part of his mission and realizes he needs another four years to destroy our Country. I pray Americans wake up and remove this person from office.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca