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The Dumpster’s PM Dump – little tboca

Around the Nation in a Flash:

MSNBC & NBC’s Scott Pelley actually tightened the noose around Obama’s neck during his interview about the debt ceiling. Obama got suckered again when Scott asked him point blank if he can guarantee that the entitlement checks will go out August 3rd if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

Obama’s answer was of course a scare tactic saying he couldn’t make that promise, saying there simply may not be enough money in the coffers to meet USA’s obligations.

This shows the ignorance of our President, his inability to do Math (just simple arithmetic), and his obvious delight in trying to scare Americans. Pretty much the same tactics he used on us when he wanted Obamacare passed.

CNN – David Gergen is all gushy even to the point of being sympathetic with Obama’s dilemma over the debt ceiling and budget.

David thinks Obama is working his britches off trying to get a compromise between Republicans and Democrats. In fact, David feels, poor old Obama is plumb smack in the middle of this political fiasco.

Yes, David Obama is in the middle, he is the reason we’re even discussing raising the debt ceiling. You see David, Obama is the problem!

David, did you notice recently that unemployment is 9.2, millions of people are losing their homes and Sisco, along with some other big companies are talking about gigantic layoffs in the near future.

Media Matters – is in a huff, running on Lou Dobbs and of course Republicans again. Once again they refuse to tell both sides of the story when they’re talking about Jeffrey Frankel (.Harvard Economist.) It’s just more garbage in and garbage out from the “Dumpsters.”

Here’s what Jeffrey Frankel said about the date of August 2 being such a critical time for raising the debt ceiling.

Frankel — Although the fiscal situation is a big long-term problem, this has been true for a long time. The reason that the next month is crucial is that one of the two parties has chosen this particular raising of the debt ceiling (which is normally a frequent and routine formality) for a political showdown. For better or worse, they have deliberately created a game of “chicken.” July 12, 2011 by Doug Gavel, Harvard Kennedy School

NYT – continues with their obvious dislike of the Republicans and are trying their best to put the debt ceiling and National Deficit on the back of the Republicans.

Won’t work NYT; we all know who stole our stimulus money, started the war in Libya, gave Soros our money for Petrabras, backed the Unions and Lobbyists and last but not least lied so many times to Americans that we’ve lost count.

CBS – continues the rhetoric about Obama’s great ideas for reducing the National Deficit and raising the debt ceiling, but if they reread their commentary they will see that Obama once again doesn’t have a plan. It’s called cheap talk!

Americans are tired having their President insult them and pretty much call us stupid; we haven’t asked for much. We don’t want any tax increases, we want Obamacare repealed, and we want our National Deficit reduced today, not in 15 years. We really want someone who is a leader not a glorified orator.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca