Obama's Dilemma - little tboca

Obama is showing his face again on National TV trying to blindside American taxpayers once again. He wants to raise the “debt ceiling,” and really doesn’t want to consider a short term increase. Raising the debt ceiling, even for the short term just prolongs the agony for taxpayers!

Obama, pretty much says raise the debt ceiling or else and tosses out a threat to Americans predicting that financial markets will fall apart at the seams if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

Republicans want very substantial reductions in spending and DEMS won’t budge until the wealthy receive a sizeable tax increase. What we have is a political standoff, but Obama assures us that Republicans and Democrats have made progress. We’ve heard that old tune many times before!

Our White House resembles a junk yard with the big dogs biting each other on the fanny as they search for a few ragged bones to throw to Americans. Obama’s meeting this Thursday will be nothing more than a closed door Texas Hold’em poker game.

If the Republicans had any backbone they’d turn the tables on the Obama Administration and put this meeting on C-Span for all to observe; but that’s not about to happen.

We’ll get the second hand news and Republicans will cry wolf, but reluctantly raise the “debt ceiling,” while accepting a few Obama tokens that will reduce the National Deficit in 10 to 20 years, maybe…

Neither, Republicans or Democrats are too concerned, but they’ll posture and grimace trying to convince Americans that they really care about us and they’re going to give us our Country back in the distant future when it’s been totally trashed.

We’ve all experienced the White House theatrics, where all the “big dogs” get on National Television and do the “he said, she said thing.”

Stage left will be Bernanke and Geither preaching their doom and gloom and promising all “Hell” will break loose if ole Ben doesn’t get to print more fake monopoly money.

Geither will probably quickly step down after the debt ceiling negotiations are completed and that would be just great for all of us. Ben Bernanke, should have been removed way back in 2006 and before when he blindsided all of us by assuring America that Freddie and Fannie were stable and without major financial problems.

Ben just keeps hanging around tightening the noose around our necks – he’s one bad egg meaning rotten to the core.

Obama’s Administration is starting to lose key players and they’re packing their bags and high tailing it out of town. Joe Biden’s economic adviser left while the getting was good!
The chair for the President’s chief economic adviser (Austan Goolsbee) grabbed his lollipop and has let everyone know he’s not about to continue wallowing in the Obama crap.

That’s not all folks the Federal Reserve is missing several key players – it’s beginning to look like a mass exodus; we all know Jeff Goldstein is chomping at the bit to kiss the White House goodbye.

Jon Huntsman (Ambassador to China) understandably left the first of this year as he had bigger irons in the fire.

Don’t forget Robert Gibbs, the one who some called the Press Secretary – he’s done gone and probably hanging around on Obama’s coat tails helping on the 2012 campaign. It really doesn’t make much difference where he went – not many of us have missed him.

Obama doesn’t realize his chess game is beginning to look a lot like a Chinese checkers because he’s out making lotsa, lotsa money for his Presidential campaign in 2012 and too busy to perform the duties of a President.

Joe Biden’s probably seeing the writing on the wall, “Obama no longer needs him or should I say Joes has been rather troublesome to his Administration, Joe’s disappearance won’t be a voluntary resignation – Obama’s team already know who’ll be replacing Joe.

Obama will no doubt raise the billion dollars for his 2012 campaign, but many hitches and glitches are appearing on the horizon that not even the corrupt can handle.

The years of lying and deception to Americans is taking its toll on the one some call Obama – his face is starting to look like a Halloween Zombie. He can no longer hide behind designer clothes and makeup.

Many Democrats and other key players in his Administration realize that Obama has misused, gouged, and abused them as he travels the path of “redistribution.” They’re jumping ship before it sinks in 2012.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little tboca