Obama's Path to Destruction - little tboca

Does anyone have any idea why we’re fighting in Libya or why the UN is dragging its feet and pretty much not participating at all? Why did Obama tell us that this war would be a few days or few weeks? This is the fourth month that the Americans are paying billions out of pocket to fight a war that isn’t our business.

How can Obama hide behind the War Power Resolution when 87 Republicans and 61 Democrats voted to end all of American’s involvement in a non-sensical game that NATO has once again used us as the guineau pigs.

Obama maliciously and without concern for our Military and all Americans placed us in harm’s way. This is the same position he has taken by purposely allowing the “Fast and Furious” gun runner project.

We lost Brian Terry (a Border Agent) due to the Fast and Furious program and we will lose more of our people because 100’s of weapons have walked across our border to the drug cartels in Mexico.

Obama is the one in 2009 who signed executive orders directing our CIA to close Guantanamo prison down within a year in order to try terrorists on our turf.

Obama signed orders in early 2009 to send funding to overseas family planning organizations that perform abortions and offer abortion counseling. This pretty much tells you why he’s not interested in stopping Planned Parenthood in our USA. 58% of Americans opposed this overseas bill!

This is the person in December 2009 signed an executive order to re-establish collaboration between Government and Union leaders; this was a deliberate move to put more power into the hands of the Federal Unions.

Hilda Solis (US Labor Secretary) announced March 2011 that Obama Administration supports the Unions who are fighting Scott Walker (Wis. Governor) budget proposals.
She referred to the Unions in Wisconsin as brothers and sisters under assault.

How stupid does Obama and his Administration think we are; we all know he’s attached at the hip with the top Union officials and probably sifting money to them to support their many lawsuits.

There are 80 plus executive orders, just put “Current List of President Obama’s Executive Orders” and you will basically see he was a very busy person creating advisory boards, panels, committees that further enhance his “redistribution” agenda.

I have just introduced you to a person who feels he is a superior being, not a leader, a dictator that has grown our Government to unbelievable proportions.

In a short two and a half years, one man with the able assistance of the Liberal News Media has ruthlessly attacked our freedoms, our economy, our Constitution and our lives. MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NPR, NYT have all contributed to the destruction of our beautiful Country.

This person who has cloned himself as a “God” remains MIA when it comes to leading our Nation, solving our recession and restoring our Constitution. His allegiance isn’t to the United States of America, but to the Unions, terrorists, Muslim Brotherhood and 3rd war countries.

It’s your call America, take back your Country, regain your voice and restore our Nation or sit complacently like we’ve done for years and let the corrupt and evil destroy America the Beautiful.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca