Media Matters' Daily Dump

Dumpster’s PM Dump

Media Matters has been dipping in taxpayers’ pockets for a long time now, how many of you wish to continue paying for this left sided cynical news venue. Let’s see what their garbage of the day might be…

They’ve been trying to demonize Glenn Beck since 2009, threatened his advertisers, blogged their pants off every day trying to get Beck to disappear. They’re still trying to reinvent more garbage – for MM it’s garbage in and garbage out!

They have spent millions of taxpayers’ dollars in their scheme to shut FOX news down – it didn’t work. When their tax exempt status is removed, they’ll have to pay taxes just like all working Americans.

They can’t get it thru their thick heads that FOX has the one thing that Media Matter and Soros would die for; FOX has a solid viewer population that just keeps growing. Guess most Americans want to hear both sides of the story!

Back to Beck for a moment, Glenn and FOX remain great friends and will be working together, there’s a new concept coming out from Glenn that is much bigger than his program the past few years. It’s called GBTV. Try it, you’ll love it!

In retrospect, Media Matter accelerated Beck’s popularity; the more they lied the bigger his program grew; funny how they have been one of Beck’s biggest contributors!

Today Media Matters did quite an elaborate send off for Glenn, they created their little charts, big graphs, threw in a bunch of off the wall figures and percentages in their childish endeavor to stomp on him.

The funny thing is and this is laugh your butt off funny, guess who did all of this sophisticated analysis – none other than Media Matters. Two facts remain solid and true.
First, Glenn Beck has spent years planning his next move for his Conservative viewers and Media Matters is still crawling along behind yelling “fowl.”

Secondly there’s only one way to say this, “ FOX remains the big dog in cable and that’s the writing on the wall.

It takes a defunct news media like MM to expedite FOX’s growth and popularity… I guess if that’s where Soros wants to spend his money, more power to him. “Easy come, easy go.”

If you don’t wish to keep contributing to Media Matters, contact your Congressman and don’t attempt to be politically correct, just say stop throwing our hard earned money to the “Dumpsters.”

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca