Obama & DEMS Don't Get It - Dumpster's Morning Dump


Same ole, same ole DEMS want a bit more from our wallet, they don’t want to accept responsibility for the 4.3 or 7 trillion dollars of our money that they squandered. Obama and DEMS are either with us or against us!

They want us to fix their screw-ups – they didn’t have to vote for Obamacare, they didn’t have to let Obama misuse our stimulus money and they definitely knew that Bernanke, Freddie, Fannie and AIG were the culprits. They could have stopped Obama and his “Green” obsession, which has lost us millions or I should say billions of dollars.

It’s time for the Democrats and to decide if they want to fight for Americans and our Country or if they want to continue throwing us, their children and grandchildren to the wolves.

My definition of a Politician is a man or woman with one hand on our wallet and the other on our charge card. Notice our White House is full of Politicians!

Most of us know from running a household that you can’t spend your way out of debt; it’s time to stop Obama’s spending. He’s maxed our card drained our savings and refused to sit down and make the hard decisions necessary to reduce our National Deficit. What’s he doing?

Why he’s out campaigning as we speak – he’s definitely not able to rub his stomach and pat his head at the same time. He took his first 18 months pushing, shoving and jamming until Obamacare was passed. Now he’s going to take 18 months plus campaigning for 2012.

Here’s but a few suggestions:

Stop the frivolous grants that keep going out the backdoor of the White House. Let NPR put their big boy and girl britches on and fly on their own. Stop the EPA immediately, until such time a committee to monitor their activities is in place. They’re irresponsible with our money and they need to go to their room for a very long time out.

Get our military out of Libya; we don’t have any business there and we’re tired of Obama’s redistribution.

Quit funding all of these foreign countries that never reciprocate. Kick Obamacare out the door – it’s illegal, costly and businesses will not hire and grow as long as Obamacare is hanging over their heads. Remove all of these idiotic restrictions from our businesses allowing them to grow and create jobs.

Let Obama hike or take a bus if he wants to continue his campaign, which is not what we hired him to do. Cut his Czars down to ½, remove 15 or 16 of Michelle Obama’s handmaidens and monitor our money for Obama and Michelle are just like EPA they’re irresponsible and not safe to let out on the streets alone. It’s called learning to work “Lean and Mean.”

Quit handing out free medical care, schooling, Medicaid, food stamps to the illegals. They have a home, let them return and come back to our country when they’re legal and ready to contribute. There are those who pretend we don’t give illegals all of these freebies, but I personally know better!

Stop funding planned parenthood – it’s a poorly organized mess and there again, taxpayers’ money has been handed to incompetent, irresponsible people who need to be monitored on a daily basis.
We’re at a time in our lives that everyone needs to step forward and help us take back our Nation; there’s no easy solutions, but if we continue down the road we’re on, we’ll soon hit the road to “No Return.”

Republicans and Conservative groups have in place a pledge, which is based on three things, (1) Cut, (2) Cap, and (3) Balance.

Cut – We must make discretionary and mandatory spending reductions that would cut the deficit in half next year.

Cap – We need statutory, enforceable caps to align federal spending with average revenues at 18% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with automatic spending reductions if the caps are breached.

Balance – We must send to the states a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) with strong protections against federal tax increases and a Spending Limitation Amendment (SLA) that aligns spending with average revenues as described above.

This would be the real first glimmer of hope for “restoring our Nation to its once strong foundation.” Each day our problems continue, economy seems to be declining inch by inch, our National Deficit is growing at an astronomical rate daily, and businesses are in limbo afraid to hire or grow.

We’ve only 2 choices, (1) Do the right thing – balance our budget, restore our Nation or (2) Do nothing, which is basically what we’ve done for years and leave the mess for our kids and future generations. Shame on us!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca