Obama Whispered? Dumpster's PM Dump


CBS – is all aglow over the President calling him a “baby whisperer,” if baby only knew the real man behind the whisperer – baby would be petrified! If baby only knew that the man behind the “whisper” was responsible for our border agent’s (Brian A.Terry) murder and if baby knew he is responsible for thousands of babies left homeless and their parents without jobs. CBS take your job and shove it, because Americans know the truth about the “Baby Whisperer.”

NBC – is doing their regular news gymnastics trying in vain to get our Nation to forget that they really didn’t forget “Under God.” But, Governor Rick Perry said it the way it is when he said, “Let’s speak with pride about our morals and our values.”

I’m joining in with Rick saying, “We are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Those in disagreement with that can do the next best thing, get a rowboat and find another country.

MSNBC – is worrying about Newt Gingrich’s line of credit at “Tiffanys,” the line of credit that I worry about is our Country’s line of credit, you know the one Obama trashed. in 2009, 2010 and again in 2011 – one man single handedly destroyed America’s gold credit; now that’s something to worry about… No matter how hard MSNBC tries, they can’t come up with credible newsworthy stories.

NYT – How’s this for pathetic headlines, “As Economy Slowly Recovers, Fed Says It Has Done Enough.” Please tell us NYT, just exactly where you perceive economy recovering?
Lenders are starting to reduce court cases due to poor documentation and many real estate experts are anticipating a second housing tsunami.

Over 2 million homes are under water and over 1 million homes are in some stage of foreclosure. It’s taking lenders over 300 days to complete a foreclosure, which leaves a very dismal prospect for the housing market in the next few years.

Unemployment is over 9 % again, which isn’t an accurate figure at all. It doesn’t include those who have quit looking for jobs.

The war in Libya is costing approximately 9.5 million per day and the UK is starting to feel the stress of the Libyan war and so far the figure for the UK is way over 500 million.

Media Matters – they’re wringing the towel and crying for Jon Stewarts and defending his lies about FOX news. Jon always refers to the polls, but none of us know what polls he’s talking about; maybe Siberian polls, North Pole or comedy central’s polls and then again Stewart bases his entire program on one side only as he stated last Sunday.

So what’s there to brag about MM, when the man said on National TV, he’s a comedian first and he comes to the table always with one side only; not much there to defend.

Speaking of misinformed, that doesn’t even touch your garbage in garbage out news – I have yet to read one of your stories, blogs or articles that isn’t fiction filled and I’m not a FOX fan, but lying to you “is easy come easy go” kind of scientology.

Around The Nation In A Flash:

Obama’s speaking on National TV about removing the troops from Afghanistan, funny how he always empowers himself to make decisions like this when American, their military and military leaders should be actively involved in this type decision making. How could we believe anything he says after the Libya mess he’s gotten us into?

Minot ND is facing terrible flooding conditions. There’s still winter storm warning for their mountainous areas. This little town has there hands full and probably all will have to evacuate.

Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, the big honcho for the drug cartel La Familia was arrested by the Mexican FEDS – that’s good news. This is one drug cartel that is losing it’s clout.

NYT – here’s a perfect example of the mindset of the Liberal news media, New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller showing his A- -. Bill Keller, NYT, June 22, 2011

Here’s Keller’s exact words, “If the 2012 election were held in the newsrooms of America and pitted Sarah Palin against Barack Obama, I doubt Palin would get 10 percent of the vote. However tempting the newsworthy havoc of a Palin presidency, I’m pretty sure most journalists would recoil in horror from the idea.

Keller has a “Weiner” problem for sure, Weiner is obsessed with his body parts and Keller’s obsession is Sarah Palin.

Several things to note in Keller’s rash comments, Sarah isn’t running at this time in the Presidential election. Rasmussen Polls show any generic Republican candidate already has Obama by the crotch, Republican 45% and Obama 43%.

Next thing I would question Keller on his attempt to put all news venues in the Liberalist sock – fact is the journalists he’s referring to aren’t having a problem with Palin; their problem is with Obama.

They are running out of ammo as Obama struggles more each day; they are having problems finding anything truthful or positive to say about Obama.

Anyway folks, time to say goodbye. “May God Bless Each and Everyone”

As Always,
Little Tboca