Take Back Our Country America - Dumpster's Morning Dump


Americans, we have some pretty big questions that need answered before 2012 rolls around.  Talk to your State and Federal representatives and try to work thru the spider web that’s been spun to hide up the misuse of taxpayers’ money. WE ARE THE VOICE OF AMERICA!

Let’s talk about General Electric once again, why did they receive 24.9 million in grants, decreased US based jobs by 18.000 in 2009 and why would General Electric receive 14 stimulus grants when they took in over 156 billion dollars in revenue in 2009?  Don’t forget, due to lobbying and shift tax loopholes, GE didn’t pay taxes.  Something is wrong with this scenario.    


Michelle should have $1,495,700 million a year away as Michelle shows her hatred and disdain for her fellow Americans!   

We need to wake up and get a handle on Michelle’s budget – she doesn’t work for us and we don’t owe her a several million dollar paycheck each year. I don’t care what other first ladies have done in the past – I’m talking about a broken Nation and the Obama’s haven’t been accountable for the 4.7 trillion dollars they’ve spent!

Another problem that has existed way before Obama’s Presidency and it needs to be stopped is the use of our Airforce One for campaigning. This plane should never be used by President and staff unless it is doing business for the taxpayers.

We can no longer afford the flagrant use of our planes and other campaign expenses being charged to our account.  This President has been campaigning for 2012 over 2 months now, when he should have had his fanny at the White House taking care of taxpayers problems that have been created by the misuse of our monies. 

It would be very wise to pursue the audit on the FEDS – what goes on behind closed doors is our business.  I’m tired of everyone acting like the FEDS are composed of some kind of Greek Gods that shouldn’t be monitored on a daily basis.

Lobbyists – it’s a problem so big that no one seems to know where to start or which end to work on first when revising and repairing the runaway lobbyists.  Many of the new Republicans are stepping forward and trying to get a handle on this problem – keep your eyes and ears open, because Lobbying as we know it in 2009, 2010 and 2011 must be stopped.

If you don’t think Obama’s bed partners are the Unions, you’re wrong. Andy Stern former SEIU leader was appointed by Obama on the National debt commission.  Andy Stern is the one who represented public employees throughout America and Andy can be blamed for much of our economic problems as we speak. Just as Californians about Andy Stern!  

Andy Stern is much more than a person of interest by the FBI – for Andy is smack dab in the middle of a Union Corporation Scandal.  So I guess Obama is once again doing as he pleases at our expense.  

There’s so much more to share and yet how many Americans will really take their time to “take back our country?  This isn’t doom and gloom – all can be fixed if Americans regain their voice and we have a Government that works for the people, not the Politicians, Lobbyists, Unions, special interest groups and the corrupt. 

Our choices for those that represent us in the Government shouldn’t be based on who has the most money and can buy the votes.  We need the good old boys and girls who know how to budget, work lean and mean, stand toe to toe with the Terrorists, foreign countries and special interest groups. 

We must demand transparency, a balanced budget, smaller Government and above all return to the roadmap our forefathers gave us in 1787, the Constitution.  We need Supreme Court Judges who interpret the law, not rewrite the law to suit their personal “whims.”  

“May God Bless America”

As Always,

Little Tboca