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CNN – enlightens us by giving us a picture of Boehner and Obama bonding on the golf course.  I can just hear their conversation now.  Obama says, “Hey Johnnie, give me a little hand up here – go ahead and raise the debt ceiling and I’ll promise you some real tax breaks later.” 


Johnny shakes his head ands says, “Bommie” you’re going to have to do better than that – the Tea Party’s on my – – – and I can’t break another promise to them like I did on the budget last time. 


So, after the bonding is  over Johnnie will tell America that he understands Obama a lot better and we’re getting close to an agreement.  Obama will just snicker and walk away knowing the “debt ceiling” will be raised – it’s just a matter of time.


MSNBC – more garbage even on the week-end, but why should that surprise us. Garbage comes in all shapes, sizes and aromas.  MSNBC is discussing the Obamacare waivers saying Obama will discontinue them in September 2011 – now isn’t that convenient after Pelosi, Reid and Obama hand picked who will or won’t get a waiver. 


Now, they are trying to make us think that an outside review board has decided that the Obama Administration has been using objective standards. Wonder how much those reviewing the waivers were paid to lie for Obama and Democrats?


I believe that’s pretty much the same standards that Jay Carney was referring to on the “bundlers,” deal when he was trying to explain away General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt or Donald Gips the Ambassador to South Africa. the man who bundled over 500,000 for Obama’s campaign.  It was just merely an accident that Obama chose the “bundlers” with the biggest bundles for his various posts.  


Gips is a stock holder or was connected to Level 3 Communications.  Level 3 Communications is that little old company that received billions of our stimulus money.  Of course Gips is suffering from Alzheimers and can’t quite recall how that all came about…



Media Matters – has produced a string of lies about the Tucson ethnics study class showing all of these unsubstantiated audits which really don’t mean a “tinker’s Damm.”  11 teachers know exactly what they were teaching our children and it wasn’t the Constitution. Here’s the latest news from the Arizona Republic, June 16, 2011


The audits were inconclusive meaning the evidence requested wasn’t produced, nor would the 11 teachers produce any homework by the students as requested.  So Media Matters might want to wait until a thorough investigation takes place.  At this time, all we have are two fake audits that made stupid determinations without any evidence or hard facts.


In case Media Matters don’t understand English – here’s the bottom line.  Arizona doesn’t belong to the Hispanics, the drug cartels or the illegal aliens.  Our state is part of the Union and those who can’t live with that needs to pack their bags and find a new residence.


CBS – posted a very interesting article on “Target” employees in New York who voted against Unionization Friday.  In today’s blog, I mentioned that many people are not happy with Unions and they’re starting to distance themselves from Union leaders.  Target employees refuse to be owned by the Unions.


Of course the United Food and Commercial Workers Union local! 500 is going to do what all Unions do – they’ll sue and lie and lie some more. They’ve alleged that Target illegally intimidated workers, which we know isn’t true.  But, the Union is contesting the results and asking our Federal Government to intervene and order a new election. 


Bill Mayer, like Debbie Wasserman Shultz has a foot and mouth disease.  Mayer. Claims the Liberalists have never discussed nationalizing the oil industry; where’s Mayer been all our lives?  Next he called Michelle Backmann and Sarah Palin “crazy no nothings.” 


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe it was Bill Mayer who said, Brazil’s primary fuel was sugarcane ethanol – either Bill can’t read or he fantasizes a lot. Does Bill think Soros and Obama are spending our money on sugarcane? 


Mark Sheilds, syndicated columnist, needs to take a deep breath and think what he’s saying, before he starts spewing things to the public.  Mark, of all people is now calling our income tax rates, un-American.


 Mark, let me share what is really un-American, (1) Obamacare totally un-American, (2) 3rd war in Libya, (3) Raising the debt ceiling stupid and un-American, and lastly (4) Redistribution of taxpayers monies is un-American, because it has been passed out under the table and behind our back to without consulting us. 


We are the voice of America and “May God Bless Our Nation.”


As Always,

Little Tboca