Tales of Two Bloodsuckers - Unions & EPA

Dumpster’s Morning Dump


Propaganda – what might it mean to you?  Meriam Webster say: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect. 

Here’s an example of Radicalism with a double dose of “propaganda” by Chris Shelton District 1Vice President of CWA (Communications Workers of America.)  Today, he called New Jersey’s Chris Christie a NAZI.  Notice that Chris (Weiner) Shelton was letting it all hang out as he blamed the Democrats and Chris Christie. 

Here are his exact words today, “We have Adolf Christie and his two generals trying to make New Jersey Nazi Germany.”  The two generals refer to the Democrats who worked with Christie on the excessive pensions and benefits to public workers.  

This man is one sick puppy dog that needs to confined and restrained, because he’s sick, sick, sick.  He even yelled at his Unions leaders today, telling them if they won’t join his battle, then move on – sounds like good advice, boys, I’d move on…   Next he threatens Obama about the Columbian Trade Agreement, saying they’ll fight that too!

They sue anyone who irritates them or disagrees with their Radical philosophy; they’re suing Scott Walker and Wisconsin taxpayers, Boeing, and even “Spiderman.”  The NYC Teacher’s Union is suing school administrators now and their dirty list just keeps rambling on…  If Americans don’t step forward and take control of the Unions – our schools will be controlled entirely by the Unions. 

They threaten other Union members, they threaten businesses, they pretty much trashed Wisconsin’s courthouse and immediate surroundings.  Now they’re threatening Obama and Democrats – this should be a warning that they’re one dangerous and powerful group of individuals who darn sure will push “grampy and grammy” over a cliff.  I said this because they’re trying to take over Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare. 

Those Union members who feign illness, walk out of classrooms and destroy public property – shame on you!  The good news is this, some union members are starting to part company with their Unions.  Union membership is declining because people are tired of being controlled, paying exorbitant dues and watching their Union Leaders rake in sinfully high salaries, perks and bonuses while the “workabees,” do the dirty work. 

Now, we’re seeing more and more Union Organizations turning on each other; unions are pretty much like a wild animal – they’ll eat their own kind if they get hungry enough. 

Around The Nation In A Flash:

NYT – is flaunting the fact that Obama refused to listen to the Pentagon and Justice Department’s top lawyers, when they wisely told him that the Militaries activities in Libya were actually under the “hostility category.” 

Both Jeh C. Johnson, the Pentagon general counsel, and Caroline D. Krass, the acting head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel gave Obama this advice, which he’s chosen not to follow. Instead he went behind their backs and asked his legal counsel to give him a different decision on what constitutes “hostility.”  Only Obama would sneak on such an important issue – he feigns immunity to our Federal laws.

CNN – is in a dither over Hermann Cain’s comments about Muslims in his Cabinet. Cain may have a valid point here, in 2008 and 2009 the Muslim world couldn’t get enough of Obama.

In May 2011, during his meeting with David Cameron in Whitehall, Muslims were protesting his visit and frankly threatening him. This probably was due to the murder of Osama bin Laden, but I imagine Cain may in fact have a valid reason for making his statements about the Muslims.

Remember Obama’s Cairo speech where he was going to woo and win the Muslim Nations back – that didn’t work either; the Muslims are starting to hate Obama because of airstrikes in Libya.

The disgusting part of the whole controversy is this – none of us know who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys when it comes to the Muslims; if the good guys would just stand up and support our Country they’d be most welcome.  Instead they stand on the sidelines refusing to defend our United States. 

CBS – is still on the Weiner kick and blame his downfall on the images; don’t quite know what that has to do with the “sexting” issue and don’t think I really want to go there; guess we’ll just let CBS handle the Weiner scuttlebutt from now on…

Media Matters – now attacking Wall Street Journal on their take on the EPA restrictions; Wall Street Journal is right on everything they’re saying about EPA, but of course Media Matter doesn’t understand that the EPA has literally tried to dominate our lives. EPA needs to take a long break and let our Country create jobs for the millions without work. 

Someone needs to get a handle on the EPA, because like the Unions have overstepped their boundaries. EPA has a shaded history that continues like an octopus with 2 hands in our hip pockets, and this is one place the Government could save us billions of dollars if they would but get a handle on the “bloated” EPA organization. 

Does Van Jones, Al Gore and Lisa Jackson ring a bell?  It should because they’re working on our youth as we speak. If you think Al Gore is taking a break from the “green giant,” you’re wrong.  Check out Power Shift 2011 – some very interesting reading!

Here’s a small example of how EPA uses taxpayers hard earned money. The EPA stole about 7 billion of our stimulus money and much of that was used for signs saying, “your taxpayer dollars at work.”  Funny no one knows exactly how much was spent on those stupid signs. 

Well friends, I finally got off my soap box, but Americans have to start doing their homework and quit depending on their Liberal News Media for anything, unless you’re in the mood for some sick fiction.

May God Bless America,

As Always,

Little Tboca