Obama - The Redistribution Specialist

Dumpster’s Morning Dump

June 16, 2011

Friends, you’ve heard it said many times, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  This is probably some of the best advice Americans will have between now and 2012. Don’t let Obama or the Liberal News Media out of your sites. 

Obama is running out of rope and hope; he’s angry, not scared but dangerous. MSNBC – CNN – Media Matters – NYT – NPR are walking the tight rope right along with Obama. 

In just a few months, he’s tossed us into a third war without anyone’s consent and we don’t have a clue why we’re in Libya, how long we’ll be there – California Democrat Brad Sherman said in April, 2011 that the White House is “dramatically underestimating” the cost of our Nation’s military in Libya. 

Brad Sherman said the Libyan war is costing us “BILLIONS” per week – now that ladies and gentleman came from a Democrat, one of Obama’s men who says enough is enough and he’s standing toe to toe with Obama on this issue.  But Brad’s comment was not so gently swept under the rug and now June 16, 2011 and now a bipartisan group is filing a lawsuit against the Obama Administration over the war in Libya.

As of June 3rd, just the Military cost in Libya totals 715.9 million and by the end of September will have grown to a grand total over 1 trillion dollars, plus another 50 million for munitions.  The State Department has spent about 3.7 million, not including the 81 million the Government committed for humanitarian purposes.

So folks – what you just read is none other than another example of Obama’s “Redistribution” agenda.  Obama can’t articulate why we’re in Libya and he really doesn’t care; he just managed in the middle of the night to strip taxpayers of billions of dollars and that’s the name of his game (Redistribution.)

Just think what Obama’s been doing recently, running around on a lavish European trip strictly for photo ops. The Irish, the Brits and Polish didnt welcome him with open arms and the Liberal News Media scrambled to make his trip look somewhat like a success. It didn’t work!

He trashed Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister and there again the Liberal News Media was left staggering trying to pick up the pieces.  So what did they do – they made fun of Netanyahu and scolded him for the way he talked to Obama. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wasn’t impressed when he invited her to the White House to wine and dine – she let the whole world know that she knows a “skunk when she smells one,” and guess who’s left to cover up Obama’s flubs and dubs?  Yep, the little ole Liberal News Media once again tries to smooth the waters for Obama. 

Then his latest guest was President Ali Bongo of the West Central African nation of Gabon and the Liberal News Media is trying to convince us that Ali Bongo is a very important ally.  Truth is he’s bedding down with one more corrupt leader in the World. So we’re footing the bill while Obama is planning on spending more of taxpayer’s money with Bongo.

Now he’s packed his Presidential suitcase and like Mary Poppins with teleprompter and umbrella, he’s headed for Puerto Rico for more photo opts and hoping to solidify some votes for 2012 from our Hispanic friends here in the States. The Hispanics aren’t stupid!

Just follow the Liberal News Media next Tuesday and watch them do their usual handstands and flip flops as they try to explain why the President of the USA would be out meandering around when millions of Americans are without jobs, millions are losing their homes and the Dow is dropping rapidly. 

Why would Obama once again go missing when we have a “debt ceiling” crisis, unemployment on the rise and no budget?  Not one Democrat or Republican would vote for his budget, like I said no budget. This person some call Mr. President is out campaigning for 2012 and making plans to spend more of our money, while many of us are struggling to pay for food, gas and keep afloat.

Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind – I don’t respect this person and you’ll never see the day that I’ll refer to him as my “President.”  I’d rather have an icebox full of hyenas or rattlesnakes!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca