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There’s some good news out there America, some pretty positive things are happening and we need to hear some good news, because the garbage that the Liberal news throws at us daily is dismal, boring and mostly fiction based. 

Marco Rubio – gave his maiden speech today on the Senate floor and it was a speech that should make National Headlines.  http://floridapundit.com/2010/11/marco-rubios-victory-speech-american-exceptionalism/   here’s a young man that everyone should be watching and supporting! 

Texas Governor Rick Perry is a man to keep your eye on – he’s pretty much testing the waters and it won’t be surprising if Rick throws his hat into the Presidential run.  Rick has accomplished some very amazing things in his home state of Texas. 

He’s fired up and wants to help America take back their country.  Rick Perry stays in touch with all Governors in the USA, actually on a daily basis – he’s not only the longest serving Governor in Texas; he’s a man who has kept Texas financially sound. 

Although, Americans aren’t happy with Obama’s humor when he said, “shovel ready wasn’t as shovel ready as we expected.”  The only good thing about this off the wall comment is this – it absolutely is the first time that Obama and his gang admitted the stimulus package didn’t work.  That’s the beginning of the end for Obama’s 2012 Presidential campaign.

Obama is also saying that Michelle and the girls wouldn’t mind if he did something else besides his position as President – I say go for it, Obama – join your dear Reverend Wright and invest in some more real estate – just get out of our White House. 

Democrats and Union workers lost a major battle today in Wisconsin. The Supreme Court will allow Scott Walker’s law to go into effect.  This doesn’t mean Wisconsin is out of the woods on this issue with the Unions, but it’s a great message to other States that are struggling with the Unions. 

This isn’t just about a Democrat/Republican fight; this is a going to be a vicious fight to the end with Unions.  Recalls will soon be on their way, which is not only a distraction but very costly to Wisconsin who’s already in debt up to their arm pits.  It will be months before we know the end of this story, but for now Scott Walker will start balancing Wisconsin’s sick budget. 

Media Matters – keeps trying to sell Obama’s new training program for the college crowd.  Basically Obama just wants to redistribute more of our money before he loses in 2012. The ones advocating this new training program are the ones who will reap millions of dollars, if they can talk Obama into going forward with this stupid training program. 

Both RGJ and AMT want our money, of course they’re going to sell his new -fangled idea, because it’s a shoo in for them.   Come on MM – you gotta come up with something more legitimate then this…

Media Matters – are beyond ridiculous, where they get their figures on unemployment and new jobs just doesn’t jive with anything.  CBO told God and our Nation in 2009 that Obama’s stimulus plan would in fact cost more in the long run than if he were to do nothing.  CBO estimates that the employment effects began to wane at the end of 2010 and continued to do so in the first quarter of 2011.”

If the Obama Administration actually created 200,000 new jobs in the past 21/2 years, it wouldn’t be anything to be proud of considering the jobs lost in the same period of time.  We must remember that the jobs MM is praising Obama for were part time holiday jobs and many of the other recent jobs are less than 30 hours per week at fast food venues or Walmart pushing carts around the parking lot. 

So to Media Matters, I say you represent the “garbage in – garbage out” crap that I keep discussing and you’re one of the reasons that the “Dumpsters” (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, NPR and CBS) are struggling with retention of their viewers.  The Liberal News media needs to remember that Americans are pretty savvy now and they’re fed up with lies, regurgitated news and propaganda. 

Here’s some real news that has teeth: Obama and the Unions are suing Boeing (the world’s largest aerospace corporation) because Boeing wants open their new site in South Carolina, a right to work state.  Can you believe our Government thinks they have the right to tell our businesses where they can or can’t build?  Boeing will definitely win, but not until they spend millions countering the DOJ’s lawsuit. 

The DOJ is lawsuit happy; they’re fighting the 26 states, who feel Obamacare isn’t legal; Harry Reid refuses to bring a repeal bill to the Senate at this time, because he knows many Democrats want it repealed now.  So until the Supreme Court takes over and gives us a final decision on Obamacare, the private sector and businesses are in “limbo.”  Don’t expect any measurable business growth or hiring until the court makes a final decision. 

As I’ve said before, the DOJ just can’t stay out of anything; they’re suing on behalf of a Muslim woman over some kind of pilgrimage; hey, just because she’s a Muslim doesn’t mean she exempt from our laws.  Many of our Muslim friends want to live in the land of the free, for free!

As you probably remember, the DOJ is suing Governor Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona – what a reverse psychology; why didn’t the Government spend our money on securing the borders for California, Arizona and Texas instead of throwing away our hard earned tax dollars on their frivolous law suits? 

The DOJ has a lawsuit against, Joe Arpaio one of Arizona’s Sheriffs stating he won’t hand over all documents requested – the problem here is they’ve had months to review the records and can’t find any illegalities, so in the meantime millions of Arizona’s money is being used to fight the DOJ.

Here’s what the DOJ should be worried about – Eric Holder and the ATF are still refusing to turn over requested documents on the Operation Fast and Furious (Obama’s pet secret program that placed 1,000’s of guns in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. The President of our US should be removed from office, because he’s intentionally placed Americans in harm’s way.

I hope Darrell Issa breaks this case wide open – this is one of the most devious kinds of things a President can do…  For me I call Obama and Holder evil, corrupt and both should be removed from office yesterday. 

May God Bless Our Nation


As Always,

Little Tboca