Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Has A Foot Problem

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MSNBC – visits frequently with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the new mouth for the DEMS and as is typical of Debbie she continues opening her mouth and inserting her foot.

First, when discussing the Weiner problem she said, “Anthony Weiner is dealing with a personal matter, and it should be left as a personal matter.” This happened during an interview with David Gregory and Priebus on “Meet the Press.”  June 12, 2011

As I said Debbie has a foot and mouth problem and now she’s on the other side of the fence calling Weiner to step down.  Which is it Debbie, keep him or sweep him? 

CNN – Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had another slip of the tongue using her Jim Crowe analogy as she made fun of the Jim Crowe laws, but she had to back down saying she made an incorrect analogy.  

She is pretending that we are hampering African Americans and Hispanics when it comes to voting at the polls; unless I’m wrong all us must have correct identification in order to vote, so what’s the big deal, Debbie?

Here’s another political blunder and this time she opened mouth and inserted both feet during a breakfast with some reporters, she’s angry that Republican candidates have made American Exceptionalism the nucleus of their 2012 campaign, she mentioned Romney which was a pretty dumb mistake. 

A Romney spokesperson pretty much slam dunked Debbie, stating that Romney not only understood American Exceptionalism, he has authored a book about it called, “No Apology.”  A spokeswoman for Romney offered to send Debbie a copy of the book.  Debbie do you understand what American Exceptionalism  really means?  Try it you’ll like it!

CBS – Face the Nation is one more example of Debbie’s blunders that is harmful to the Democrats.  Debbie told Harry Smith that the Republican plan for Medicare was to throw young people under 55 to the “wolves.”  She and Pelosi have a real reading problem. 

Fact Checked corrected her immediately:  They said Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan would not touch anyone 55 years of age and older, nor would it throw those 55 and under to the “wolves.” 

The other thing that she messed up here is stating that everyone under 55 would be receiving a check saying you’re on your own or “we’re going to give X dollars and you figure it out.” The stuff coming out of Debbie’s mouth is known as lies and propaganda – garbage in and garbage out. 

If I were the Democrats, I consider finding a new “mouth,” because she’s doing your party a great dishonor and actually putting you in a very poor light. A few final comments about Debbie Wasserman Schultz; she loves the media attention, always has an answer (usually wrong) and she refuses to do her homework before appearing on National TV. 

Maybe Debbie should consider a new job that doesn’t require any communication with taxpayers – something like cleaning the toilets at the White House or walking Obama’s dog. 

Around the Nation in a Flash:

Not good, but it’s the news – retail sales down and car sales falling thru the floor.  Consumers must think about groceries, the high cost of gasoline and jobs. They’re starting to stash the little bit of money they have for a rainy day, because they’re afraid of Obama’s next slice of Redistribution. 

CNN – 2 winners at the Presidential Debate in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney and Michelle Backmann took center stage.

Politico – Obama’s fundraiser was not exactly a piece of cake – two things missing, (1) Money, and (2) People.  Think Obama’s face has pretty much worn out its welcome along with his trusty teleprompter.

Romney’s new video, “Bump in the road,” reminds Americans of the high unemployment rate that is creeping up again. This video isn’t for the timid, weak at heart viewers.

NYT – seems to have a problem with the older generation holding onto their jobs; they insinuate that the older generation isn’t productive anymore.  Hey, at age 70, I  jog 2 miles a day, play with my 7 grandchildren, blog and am starting a new business – so much for that theory NYT.

Chuck Norris put it bluntly – anyone running against Obama better know the art of Jujitsu – in layman’s terms whoever makes the final run against Obama better know how to use his weight and strength to their advantage. Hey, Chuck don’t forget his money – he’s dipping in the taxpayers till again to pay for his Presidential campaign.

A friend of Chuck’s pretty much sliced and diced it in simple terms, Rickson Gracie — a retired mixed martial artist said, “if size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle.”  Hope the Conservative candidates take’s Chuck’s advice!

Watch out for the FBI – they’re everywhere, well just about everywhere now that they’ve been handed a carte blanche permission slip to check your phone, your online activities and just about anything else their little heart desires.  Maybe that’s good and then again maybe not so good for American citizens.

For Weiner, here’s a little quote from Ted Kennedy, ”They don’t call me Tyrannosaurus Sex for nothing.”

“Take care and May God Bless Our Nation Today and Everyday”

As Always,

Little Tboca