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The Dumpster’s Evening Dump

June 12, 2011

Obama stands on his stump talking to our college kids pretending he’s truly concerned with their future and gonna take them right out of college and plunk them into a special training program.  By the way last count shows Government has 49 training programs in place. 

If Obama was truly interested in jobs why did he viciously attack the Boeing Company’s efforts to put a new airplane factory in Charleston, SC?  Why is he still passing out those waivers to his buddies that don’t like his Obamacare?  Why did he deliberately stop off shore drilling in our US, yet place millions of dollars into Soros’s and Petrabra’s pocket? 

Now that I’m on that subject, why are we paying for Jesse Lee the Obama (crap keeper,)  the man who’s paid to put our media fires for Obama and why did he use our time and money for a summit meeting with 22 of our elite news media, coaxing them to help him spread the news on how great his economic policies are… 

Why are we paying for the plane, the salaries, the meals, the whole ball of wax for his 2012  Presidential Campaign so he can traipse all over the country telling the same lies he told us in 2008?  Let him stay in the White House and do his job, period – he works for us!  Wow, sorry friends I really got on my soapbox tonight, but enough is enough.   Let’s start afresh.

Good Evening fellow Americans, Mark Twain said, Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.  As of June 12, 2011 the Government hasn’t given us any good reasons to support them.

NYT – is pre-occupied nibbing thru Sarah Palin’s emails, and I hear they’ve begged their viewers to help them read the 400 plus emails.  Wonder why the NYT took this on as their job?  Makes one think they’re still struggling with the “mamma grizzly.”  But, maybe anyone who might run on the Republican ticket scares them, for they check Chris Christie’s closet, even his underwear. 

Media Matter is still misconstruing actual statistics on our unemployment problem, trying to convince their viewers that the 9.1 % isn’t correct; new flash, actual unemployment is close to 20%, because they’re not including the ones who are too discouraged and just quit looking for a job.

Here are two examples of Media Matter’s  garbage in and garbage out, (1) They continually try to convince everyone that Obama’s stimulus package was successful.  (2) They try to sell the  ”Green Thing” to taxpayers, even though  Obama’s green fixes so far have been a total flop. 

To Media Matters, read this and weep – CBO’s outlook for 2011 is dismal, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that if current laws remain unchanged, and the federal budget will show a deficit of close to $1.5 trillion. CBO says production and unemployment aren’t likely to change much over the next couple of years.

So, MM we definitely need a new leader who knows how to balance a budget and someone who will get a handle on spending;  Obama has worn out his welcome!

ABC’SChristiane Amanpour was having a delightful time with her whiter than white female guests bashing the American man.  Possibly these gals are still hiding in the closet, but here’s what ABC’s Claire Shipman actually saying, “A group of all white men are not going to reach the best decisions. “  This conversation all started as they were discussing Anthony Weiner’s latest escapade. 

MSNBC  – Dave Schuster came out with one boxing glove and said in defense of Anthony Weiner that Republicans are “literally whoring themselves” on the House floor to Big Oil and Wall Street.  When he mentioned big oil, he neglected to tell America that Obama is still playing house with General Electric and their CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt. 

Remember I told you G.E. and Bank of America don’t pay taxes thanks to Obama and his motley crew.  In fact Bank of America received approximately $ 860 million in tax-exempt income.  Oh how nice of taxpayers  to give General Electric and Bank of America their stimulus money, so they can laugh all the way to the bank.

Did you know:  22 of our elite news media were invited to the White House; this little summit meeting that Obama put together was by invitation only.  He wants the media to be his carrier pigeons and tell Americans how great his economic policies are, because his 2012 campaign isn’t exacting perking along smoothly.

One of his top advisors for Economic Policy (Gene Sperling) put the monkey on taxpayers’ back again, he said if we’d but live within our means that could be the key to securing a strong financial future. They strip us of our jobs, our homes, ruin our retirement funds, “redistribute” our stimulus money and have the balls to blame us. 

Obama says, we’re not aware of all of the economic improvements – Mr. Obama, we are aware of 9.1% unemployment, huge Government growth, a defunct stimulus bill, millions of home being foreclosed and a 3rd war in Libya that is costing billions more than we were originally told in April.

In fact viewers, here’s some headlines for April – one of Obama’s Democrats was trying to raise a red flag, but no one listened.

 Rep. Brad Sherman, California Democrat and a certified public accountant on April 7th said, “White House Is Low-Balling Costs of Libya Mission –Washington Post   He was oh so right.  Republicans and Democrats keep sitting on their hands and Obama keeps spending, why aren’t Republicans and Democrats putting a stop to the bloody spending? 

Good Night – “May God Bless America”

As Always,

Little Tboca