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Dumpster’s Morning Dump


Excuse me but I just had a visual that I must share with you, picture Weiner with his telephone, Pelosi with her gavel and Obama with his teleprompter walking out of the White House arm in arm.  The caption would read, The “Tweeter, the Beater and the Cheater. ” So much for tboca humor, but the “devil” made me do it!

Michelle Backmann’s campaign manager(Ed Rollins) probably just put his foot in his mouth and actually harmed Michelle’s chance as a viable Presidential Candidate.  Ed Rollins strategy just went out the door when he very unwisely decided to pit Michelle against Palin.  Michelle might have had Palin’s support, but Ed just can’t keep his mouth shut.

Newt Gingrich just lost his top aides and campaign manager, seems they couldn’t  agree on a winning campaign agenda.  The team that deserted him said he didn’t have a campaign agenda in place that would win.  Newt, it’s all about winning, I guess or is real winning telling Americans the truth? 

Media Matters is so proud of the Wisconsin recalls and the way the unions are strong arming the citizens of Wisconsin and the sad thing is this; Wisconsin is in deep “DooDoo,” which Scott Walker has been stating for months. 

Here’s where money, power and control has kicked in big time – the DEMS, Unions and teachers have behaved in a deplorable manner.  Unions threatening businesses, teachers distructing and destroying their States’ Capital.  DEMS running and hiding until the Unions, Union Attys and paid protestors were in place, before they returned home.

How could Wisconsin be proud of the fact that money, threats and illegal signatures will buy about anything the Union’s desire?  Who would want teachers who call off sick, walk out of classrooms etc., -this is one very good reason the laws should be changed. 

Teachers should be evaluated and appraised on performance, but the Unions won’t tolerate that kind of logic.  In the end, it’s the taxpayers who are paying for all these law suits, corrupt shenanigans and destruction.   

Hey, Wisconsin the Unions aren’t your friends, but the flip side of the coin is if you opt to remain under Union Control you’re heading down the tubes just like California.  All you’re doing is burdening your children, children’s children and future generations with debt and corruption that is pretty much like putting a noose around the younger generations’ neck. 

Don’t think I’m picking on you, not at all – our state of Arizona has been sued by Obama’s watch dogs fighting us on the illegal alien problem and now Russell Pearce, sponsor of SB 1070 is facing a recall election.  Does that sound a little familiar, Wisconsin? 

Then they tried a recall against the Governor Jan Brewer.  Arizona, is being punished because Obama wants to give a free ride to all illegal immigrants and we just want to protect the citizens of our State. Much of our land down South is off limits to travelers due to illegal aliens and the drug cartel. How’s that for a sad state of affairs in our Country?

Napolitano and Obama just keep jumping on National TV spouting one lie after the other about how safe Texas, California and Arizona’s borders are now.  Not a nice thing to say, but in my frustration I’m going to quote a phrase I heard my grandfather use once.  Napolitano and Obama are “As useless as tits on a boar hog.”  There I said it and feel 100% better!

Media Matter jumps on Obama’s band wagon to pick and choose what companies they want to punish, but not once do they mention General Electric (Obama’s bed partner) who pays no taxes.  Nor do they mention Bank of America (the bank we bailed out with stimulus money.  Bank of America  didn’t pay any taxes, used billions of our bailout money and on top of that got those sinful tax breaks.  I’m not defending the oil companies, but what’s good for one is good for all! 

News Around the USA in a Flash

Weiner refuses to leave office, as of yet he won’t budge even when some of the top Democrats have asked him to leave immediately.  Pelosi want to play ethics committee, smack his hands a little, but keep him available – he’s a bulldog for the DEMS and they certainly don’t won’t to lose their not so nice puppy!

The Washington Post and New York Times are suffering from poor ratings and boredom, so they’ve pounced on Sarah Palin and intend to expose all of her emails during her 2 plus years as Governor of Alaska and she hasn’t even thrown her hat into the fray!  Maybe, just maybe we should insist that the Post and NYT send us Michelle’s emails for the past 21/2 years; talk about X-rated.

Hermann Cain isn’t going to budge on his comments about not being comfortable with a Muslim in his cabinet; nevertheless he said if he appointed a Muslim for his cabinet, he would make sure they’re putting the Constitution of the United States first.  Go Hermann – a man to be proud of, he says what he says and he means what he says! 

Alec Baldwin appears to be eyeing the slot for New York City mayor – Alex has always wanted to play politics for real and what better way to jump in headfirst.  I mean what are his qualifications, does New York City really want an ex rock/movie star playing poker with their money? 

Well, folks have a great day and catch up with you again tomorrow.

May God Bless Each and Everyone

As Always,

Little Tboca