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Good morning America, nothing new in the White House this AM, Biden is meeting with his group trying to figure out how to reduce the deficit over the next 10 years.  Obama and the DEMS appear to be back on the same ole stump wanting short termed spending on the plate first, before reducing deficit. 

Their reversed philosophy always is spend a lot and budget very little.  We know that spending 4 trillion dollars was not the answer to economic recovery, but the DEMS are between a rock and hard place with the 2012 elections on the horizon.  They’re becoming the “little lost sheep.” 

Weiner continues to make headline news, isn’t it funny how “sex” remains the issue of the day – the debt ceiling, budget and war in Libya are playing second fiddle to the Weiner scandal. 

It may not be good political strategy for Backmann’s camp to start chewing on the “momma grizzly” at this time.  Whether Palin runs or not, she has a tremendous following and alienating Sarah probably isn’t the smartest move at this time.  Michelle may want to rethink attacking the “momma grizzly.” 

All at once Obama has taken on another role – he’s the one man welcoming committee for all foreign leaders, except Netanyahu and Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel. Merkel and Obama’s press interview was merely an exercise in futility – Angela wouldn’t trust Obama as far as she could throw him!  His recent foreign trip was a flop – our foreign friends wish to stay as far away from Obamanomics as they can…

Today Obama is welcoming President Ali Bongo Ondimba, which is merely a way for Obama to have another photo op with a foreign leader: Ali Bongo Ondimba is one, carries the title a corrupt political leader.

  But, Obama is playing up to Americans making us think he’s interested in the concentrated oil reserve in Gabonese.  He’s the one who stopped our offshore drilling and joined hands with Soros in the Petrabra deal.  Question: Doesn’t Obama have more important things to be addressing like the “debt ceiling,” “a balanced budget,” “the possibility of a double dip recession,” – we hired Obama to solve problems not to play socialite in our White House.  

Well Hermann Cain is standing pat on his remarks about not having Muslims in his cabinet, if elected President.  Actually Hermann’s got a pretty good point here – where were the Muslims during 911, the other terrorist attacks on our turf, the controversy about the Mosque and just where are these people who want to live in the land of the free, but not participate? 

My contention is and this goes for all of us, if we want to live in the land of the free, then we need to fight for our Country, uphold the Constitution and our allegiance must be to the United States of America.  Where were our Muslim friends during the terrorist attacks on the USA

Remember our previous discussions about Obama’s “redistribution” strategy – please realize that what you see and hear from the Obama and gang isn’t the truth.  He redistributed your stimulus money, your healthcare money and he’s handed more money out the backdoor to his friends then anyone can account for at this time. 

Now, since he’s run out of ideas for his campaign platform, he’s talking to our youth about an industry led initiative that would provide training for 500,000 college students for manufacturing careers.  Whoa now, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe we have 49 Federal programs that fund employment and training services administered by 8 different agencies.  Just another scam as he continues on his path of “redistribution.”

As I said keep an eagle eye on Obama and his staff, because they will continue distributing our money – he’s using our kids as guinea pigs in an attempt to purchase votes for 2012.  Contact your White House Representatives and tell them in no uncertain terms that you don’t approve of his latest “job training” scheme. 

Pam Bondi Attorney General for Florida gave a brief on the hearing on Obamacare in Florida; the government was trying to get Judge Vinson’s decision reversed.  The Government couldn’t justify making citizens buy healthcare – now isn’t that exactly what we’ve been saying.  Buy or not to buy health insurance is our decision; we don’t need the Government running our personal business. 

During the Florida hearing, one of the attys for the Government finally admitted that it was in fact a tax hidden in the Obamacare, which is the one thing Obama has denied since Obamacare was passed.  So why is the Supreme Court dragging their feet on making a final decision.  The Supreme Court appears to be participating in a bad game of politics declining to hear this until 2012.  Job growth doesn’t have a chance as long as Obamacare is hanging over our heads.

This is one decision that should be made immediately, because businesses big and small are reluctant to hire or move forward with growth at this time until the Supreme Court brings down a decision.

Obama is adding another advisory counsel who will be responsible for studying rural areas and  recommending ways to boost the economy for approximately 50 or 60 million people.  Obama has more advisory and exploratory boards then “Carter” has pills; they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere.  Pretty soon he’ll be creating boards to study boards or something like that…

Obama could do four things, if he truly wanted to turn our economy around; (1) Trash Obamacare, (2) Lower taxes (on everyone), (3) Balance the budget, and (4) Ruthlessly downsize the Government. 

Poor Newt Gingrich was smacked again today – Newsmax just sent out an email saying his campaign manager and top aides resigned.  Newt says, this isn’t going to slow him down – he’s going forward with his campaign and will be in New Hampshire Monday for a debate.  This man has many great attributes, but recently they haven’t surfaced. 

May God Bless Our Country

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