Dumpster's Morning Dump

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Good  morning America, well the good news is this –the Liberal News Media seems to be dying on the vine in their scramble to cover up Obama’s corrupt trail.  They’re grasping at straws, trying to divert our attention from the Obama ABOPS (Another Botched Obama Program.) 

The “Dumpsters” are out there as we speak, spewing their garbage and lies while we are struggling to put food on our plates, get jobs and leave our children a wonderful legacy. 

Media Matters must have their little “snitches” sitting under palm trees playing Yatzee with their monkey friends, because they can’t read or write and they’re having major problems understanding the English language.  Don’t know about you folks, but MM needs to put their big boy pants and get a real job. 

Their desperate attempt to twist Glenn Beck’s words as they accuse him of trashing FEMA is almost laughable.  Beck merely was stating that the Joplin community gathered in force to help each other and he stated that the Joplin community wasn’t sitting there twiddling their thumbs yelling for a FEMA drop. Beck was complimenting you, Americans on the way you are the first ones to give a fellow America a hand up!

Next, they jump on O’Reilly when he stated businesses are sitting on their money and not about to hire as long as Obamacare and Obama’s threats about tax increases for businesses loom over their heads.  Obama’s inability to jumpstart the economy merely shows Americans that number one he lied in 2008 and number two he’s still lying to Americans as of June 8th, 2011.

Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal the man who’s responsible for selling Obamacare to America will have his day in court today. He will try to convince the court that Obamacare is in fact a necessary evil and furthermore he’s going to emphatically tell the court that the Government has every right to enforce Obamacare on every citizen of the USA.

Did Neal Katyal forget that 26 states and the largest small business group are declaring Obamacare unconstitutional?  Here’s, a few little bits of information that need to be discussed today. 


Judge Kithil – from Marble Falls, TX makes note of a few hidden treasures in Obamacare.  Check Obama Care Highlighted by page Number
The Care Bill HB 3200

DIDJA KNOW  – the Obamacare bill will provide insurance to all non-US residents even if they are here illegally?  Page 50/section 152

DIDJA KNOW – our government will have real-time access to an individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts.  Page 58 and 59

DIDJA KNOW – Obamacare will subsidize all union members, union retirees and organizations such as (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – Acorn?) Page 65/section 164
DIDJA KNOW The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax – now how’s that for a bloody mess?  Page 203/line 14 – 15
DIDJA KNOW Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the Government will set all doctors’ fees?   You got it, the Government is running the program!  Page 241 and 253 Now we know some of the reasons good ole lopsided Pelosi said we have to pass it first, before we’ll know what’s in it. 
Around the World in a Flash

Arizona and their governor (Jan Brewer) have been sued by Obama, trashed by Obama on the 1070 bill saying we’re misguided.  Now the labor unions and former AFL-CIO state director have recently filed recall signatures against the Governor and 1070 bill.  I believe if they check out the signatures, they’ll find they come from foreign countries, other states and the rest are probably fake. 

Here’s a gal with a great attitude, Ann Coulter, like Paul Ryan she will single handedly take on the lopsided Liberals, stand toe to toe while she’s chewing them into little pieces.  Read her latest and greatest book, ““Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.”  

As I said Obama and the “Dumpsters” are running out of garbage so yesterday during a press interview between Obama and Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, in a moment of panic and desperation he reverted to his old blame game card.  The White House has told Obama emphatically that his “blame game card” has run out of steam and Americans aren’t falling for the scam. 

Good Old Barbara Walters – has an answer for everything.  She’s blaming  Weiner’s problem on “Erectile Dysfunction.”  That’s what happens Barbara, if you do too much “Viagra” – even Viagra states if it lasts over 3 hours, you better hop right over to the hospital.  Nice try Barbara!

 So fellow Americans, our trek to “take back our country” won’t be easy, because the Liberal News Media, Obama’s handlers and George Soros are loaded for bear so to speak – they have an unlimited amount of “moolah,” but they are operating on one cylinder only. 

There are a few things in our beautiful Nation that money can’t buy and the citizens of the USA are just about to show Obama and gang that we don’t like the way they’ve treated our Nations, our children, grandchildren and seniors.  “We Will Take Back Our Country America” 

God Bless Each and Everyone

As Always,   Little Tobca