Dumpster's Morning Dump (6/4/11)

MSNBC, CBS, CNN, NYT, Media Matters

MSNBC – seem to be having a problem with their polls again; they’re stating Obama ahead in the Presidential race. Rasmussen polls show that a “Generic” Republican candidate is at 45% to Obama’s 43%. Not good for Obama.

Chris Matthews seems to be struggling with Palin, Obama’s campaign speeches and GOP candidates. He’s beside himself trying to figure out the best way to scam Americans as they show more discontent daily on the job Obama is doing.

Americans don’t like his blatant way of jumping into another war, this time in Libya without consulting the Senate, nor do they buy into his “save the day in the auto industry.” They know GM is getting out of jail free while confiscating 35 to 50 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money

In layman’s terms, Americans know we’re spending more than we’re taking in – which equates to poor Government policies and a leader who is immersed in redistributing our hard earned money.

Chris needs to rethink what he really wants to sell here – his viewer ratings aren’t too bright and shiny, I wonder why?

CNN – is immersed in the Edward’s scandal and that’s pretty much is their headline news. Edwards and Weiner are the least of our worries – it’s just two men who couldn’t keep their pants zipped. End of story!

CBS – Bob Schieffer is interviewing Nancy Pelosi on Sunday about the “Debt Ceiling,” now we all know what Nancy will say, “raise the debt ceiling now,” we’ll read the bill later, later and later! Later is how Democrats “ripped” us off on Obamacare!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (chairwoman of Democratic party) is continuing to bash the Paul Ryan Medicare plan and says Democrats have a plan. What’s the plan Debbie – you’re the only one that knows about the plan, none of the Democrats know anything about your plan.

CBS is still trying to convince Americans that Obama’s poll numbers are growing by leaps and bounds – did Debbie realize that Americans don’t like his economic policies. Rasmussen polls say, “49% of consumers say the economy is getting worse compared with 29% who say it is getting better.” Also June 4, 2011, over 50% of Americans feel tax cuts and lower government spending would help the US economy while 66% think the US government will run out of money

CBS tried to pin Eric Cantor down about the victims of the tornados and Cantor responded saying Republicans will make sure that the healing and aid will be offered immediately.

Eric Cantor said Ryan’s plan will save 6.2 trillion dollars and apply only to those 54 and under. The plan allows people, instead of the government to have choices. He said Medicare says there are 10,000 new people per day eligible for Medicare.

They poked hard at Cantor about his job’s program. Eric Cantor met with small businesses last week and small businesses want lower tax rate, put common sense back into the regulatory back in Washington. Cantor says, we have a plan, but Democrats are once again without a plan. Eric Cantor absolutely handled this interview professionally, like a gentleman and everything he said was based on facts – in other words all his comments were truth based. CBS met their match with this great Patriot and they had to cut the interview short!

NYT – An absolute superb article about Obama retooling his 2008 political machine for a tough run, a must read. Jeff and Jim dissected piece by piece what is occurring in Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign and why many aren’t jumping on his bandwagon this time.

NYT June 4, 2011 by Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg

Media Matters – top priorities remain lies, propaganda and bloody misrepresentations. They try to defend Obama’s supposedly auto industry bailout that has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, never to be repaid, not to mention the insane bonuses that are being passed out with our money.

Then they have a jillion little people blogging about ratings suggesting FOX had a dramatic drop. First Quarter, as usual FOX was the dominant big dog. In May again FOX led the pack. Isn’t it strange how MM just can’t move on from the FOX thing?

You’d almost think they were obsessed with FOX, but than again I believe they’re just plain obsessed with their uncanny ability to spread propaganda.

If you hear it on MM, you’d better check it out, because most of their news isn’t newsworthy at all and the rest is strictly fictional. My how times have changed – there was a time when journalist knew how to present both sides of the story. MM has a problem presenting once side of a story, let alone two!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca