Dumpster's Morning Dump 6/3/11

MSNBC – CNN – Media Matters – NYT – CBS

MSNBC – Morning Joe seems to be cleaning up the somewhat lopsided Liberal agenda at MSNBC by bringing both sides of the story to the political frenzy that we’re experiencing.  Joe is telling Americans the truth – his guests discuss the pros and cons of our economic woes.  We are experiencing the sharpest decline in Wall Street for the year, 9% unemployment remains a constant, more jobs lost and it’s horrifying to realize interest rates are @ zero.  Not good news, but the truth!

Yet, MSNBC pretty much continue trashing Paul Ryan’s plan without bringing any other feasible solutions to the table.  Truth is – the Democrats don’t have a budget or Medicare plan.  The Senate voted down Ryan’s plan and they’re calling it dead now, but I think Paul Ryan won’t go away and pretty soon both Republicans and Democrats better have a plan in place.  Paul’s plan would set our Nation on a path to have a balanced budget and that would be a miracle for sure.  No Senior Citizens Would Not Be Harmed from Ryan’s Plan.

Here’s are two things Americans must accept, (1) Revenue into Government is 15%, and the (2) Our GDP is 24% meaning we’re losing over a billion dollars per day.  Here’s the hard facts, Obama’s new-fangled budget went belly up, neither Democrats or Republicans would vote yea on this, Democrats continue playing the Medicare and debt ceiling “scare card,” so Paul Ryan’s plan is looking might good at this time. 

CNN – devotes a large part of the news to Weiner, now really get him out of the White House and let’s move on and solve America’s real problems.   Still, this shows the mindset of this particular news media.

Tim Geithner – has been campaigning for Obama since early spring and Biden has chimed in, both are trying to get us to buy the crock of stew that Obama keeping the auto industry from unraveling was the right thing????   Ford Motor Company sucked it up during difficult time and made it work without going to the backdoor of the White House and crying for help.

Geithner is trying to paint a picture that the auto bailout is a good thing.  Geithner speaks in order to help Obama in his 2012 Presidential Campaign.  Here is an example of covering the rose garden with manure – if they want to discuss this story they need to get all their “ducks in a row.”  GM has misused our bailout money!  Check out the real facts http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/2011/05/truth-behind-chrysler-s-fake-auto-bailout-pay-back 

What comes to mind is this, why aren’t they telling the truth about the auto bailout and why don’t they mention the tax breaks included in their under the table deal or tell us that the little “Green Car” idea is another botched Obama program(ABOP.)  Taxpayers have lost billions on the auto industry and stand to lose billions more –but be sure of this, all auto execs are getting sinfully large bonuses and perks.

This is only a small part of the never ending “auto industry” story and Obama is going to campaign on two major points, which are both untrue, (1) Restoring the auto industry, and (2) Restructuring Wall Street.  When you listen to his poetic speeches complimenting himself on these two points. Just understand that he is the one who distributed our money to the auto industry, Freddie, Fannie, AIG and other lenders which equates into billions of taxpayers’ money being misused.  

Media Matters – if you go to their site and click on “About Us” you’ be surprised that they are blatant and boastful about their “save the world” mission.  Supposedly they are dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media – that’s pretty much what Jesse Lee was hired to do too!  Looks like the “freedom of speech” our forefathers gave us in the Constitution is being savagely attacked. 

Most of their day has been for naught – they’re worrying about Sarah Palin and questioning her interviews with Greta Van Susteren and Sarah’s upcoming interview with Hannity. .My gosh guys, get a life, if Sarah wants to run – she’ll run.  End of conversation.

I believe Media Matters has a team with the mental capacity to make a positive difference in our Nation by offering both sides of the story, unembellished and laced with truth. They could join us on some important projects like …

The National Deficit (quit covering up for those who are corrupt and trying to destroy our Nation.)

The Entitlements – Ryan is the Lone Ranger, the only one with guts enough to tell Americans the truth.  Help him out, it doesn’t mean that his plan doesn’t need corrections, but his message is absolutely “ True.” We’re broke and the health entitlements will soon be ancient history unless we fix the problems.

Illegal Immigration – get off the illegal kick and bring something to the table that makes sense; for one I’m not too happy about giving every Tom, Dick and Harry a free ride. 

Quit spinning your wheels trying to confuse and distract Americans; join their team and help them get out of this mess.  So far all you concentrate on is the little insignificant things – take a deep breath and do something positive that will give your friends, family, children and grandchildren a legacy that they can embrace with pride.

NYT – has a new high powered Editor, let’s see how she runs the show; we may all be pleasantly surprised.  I hope so because the NYT is sort of like a “smorgasbord” without any real food for the belly or heart. 

Hey, America keep on truckin’ – let’s take back our Country and our voice, we are the people and the “Government” is suppose to work for us.  The keyword here is “Suppose.” 


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca