DUMPSTER'S Morning Dump 6/2/11

CNN – MSNBC – CBS – Media Matters – NYT

The Liberal news media seeks control of the masses; they want to dominate our lives overseeing our every action and thought. Their job is to distract and keep Americans divided – their second job is to destroy the voice of all.  

They actually are following in Hitler’s footsteps. When he was defining what the Nazi Party’s responsibilities were, basically Hitler said being constable of public opinion wouldn’t suffice; they needed to dominate the masses and be their master. 

CNN, MSNBC, Media Matters, CBS, NYT – here is a few of their dirty little secrets. They have an arsenal of tools! They know if Americans hear the same thing often enough, they will believe it. Check out some of their vices.

Scare tactics – daily they send chills thru Americans by stating if the “Debt Ceiling” isn’t raised it will be the end of our Nation.

Remember just the other day their comments about Paul Ryan’s Medicare solutions, they used senior citizens as their victims and even insinuated that Paul would push his grandmother over the cliff. They say Paul Ryan solution would be the end of Medicare. What a crock, but obviously New York State believed them.

Lies– here’s one right out of the oven home made by MSNBC, Chuck Todd and Steny Hoyer.

Chuck Todd MSNBC anchor was either out to lunch or didn’t want to question  Steny Hoyer’s pack of lies about the National Deficit. Steny, as is the Democratic way blamed President Bush saying when Bush took over there was a 5.6. trillion surplus.  This is a bald faced lie, Bush assumed a debt of 5.7 trillion.  Bush didn’t have the luxury of a surplus!  He did have the 911 terrorist attacks that stressed our National Deficit. 

Fact – in 2/12 years Obama has increased our National Deficit by 4 trillion dollars plus many of his back door deals haven’t even surfaced yet, so be quite sure that the actual National Deficit is much more. Many Americans believe anything they hear and that is the problem.

Use innocent victims – yep, remember the Palin infant with Downs Syndrome or the recent Tucson massacre which was blamed on Palin and Republicans.

Play Race CardTwisted Arizona’s 1070 bill by Jan Brewer into a “race” issue.  Never once do they show concern for those of us who live in Arizona, Texas and California. Obama called the 1070 bill, misguided and set his watch dogs out after Arizonians and Jan Brewer.  The government sues us because we want to protect our citizens – the Liberal News Media, Obama, Napolitano go on National TV and trying to convince us our borders are safe.  How sick is that???

Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and of course the Liberal News Media called Trump a racist, because he wanted Obama to produce his B.C.. Ask any big Corporation if they’d employ a new hire without proper identification? Obama still hasn’t been vetted!  Shame on us!

Misrepresent, misquote and mislead – The other day, David Gregory twisted Newt Gingrich’s comment on food stamps into another lie, saying “all black Americans” are on food stamps.  Newt didn’t utter those words; they belong entirely to the Liberal (David Gregory.)

Don’t forget the Green Card – If it’s green they’re gonna sell it to you; we have green cars, green Czars and green rebates.  All of the “green” is costing taxpayers billions of dollars and not one thing so far that’s “green” is worth buying!

What about the Israel pity party they are having trying to convince us that  Obama just loves Israel and Netanyahu – a lie, he doesn’t like Israel nor Netanyahu, never did and never will…

To hear them discuss Obama’s European trip, you would believe that Obama was God’s gift from heaven to the foreigners.  Wrong, the foreign countries didn’t welcomed Obama with open arms; they know him, they know all about him and they hate his theatrics, photo ops and “we can” speeches. 

Recently they raved about Obama’s budget, not one Republican or Democrat voted for it – this should tell us that Obama isn’t engaged nor interested in America.  He’s definitely in the fast lane trying to secure votes for the 2012 Presidential Election.  He’s on a mission to “redistribute” our money and that’s the bottom-line.

God Bless America,

As Always,