CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NY Times, CBS and Media Matters

Well it’s been an extremely busy week for the Liberal news media. They don’t comprehend reality or truth, nor do they have any special allegiance to our Nation or to those living within our borders.


Anyone who disagrees is considered an enemy. Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bret Baier, all Republicans and a slew of other conservative groups are on their “hit lists.”


A quick snapshot of this week’s news reveals their mindset.


The entire week has been devoted to praising Obama on his 6 day trip to Europe –not once did they address the fact that once again in the midst of killer tornados, debt crisis and 10,000 more jobs lost and as usual Obama has been missing in action.


It’s rather ironic that he’s traipsing around telling other countries how to balance their budgets and run their country. Funny that the very one that has left our Nation in a shambles is stupid enough to think he can tell Israel and other foreign countries how to run their business. 


The Liberal news media have had a hay day trashing, smashing and scaring the pants off senior citizens over Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan. Paul Ryan and President Clinton are the only two men to stand up and truthfully say, “We have a problem that must be fixed immediately.”


The Liberal Media gave VP Biden headlines endorsing his lies about Obama saving the American car industry.  The keyword here is not “Saved” but squandered billions of taxpayers’ dollars in the paper shuffling deals with GM, the so called “Green Companies,” and don’t forget General Electric. 


America, freedom isn’t free – our brave military men and women fight daily to protect our Nation and our citizens.  May God Bless each and every one of them and their families. 


Here’s the thought for the day sent from a viewer to all of us. 

“In a democracy it’s your vote that counts.  In Feudaism it’s your count that
votes.” So if we want our vote to count, we must start doing our homework.


Don’t take my word or the Liberal News Media rants as gospel – find out for yourself, you are America’s voice and so far Republicans and Democrats can’t hear us.  Here’s a few persons and companies of interest to study. 


GM and General Electric – check how much they are taking from your pocketbook.


Study the “Green Thing” as I call it – you’re in for a shock do you know what happened to the 535 billion loan that Obama handed to a California Company. 


What about the 737 billion dollar grant that was handed out the back door by Obama May 19, 2011 to a 24/7 power what????


Remember the 2.4 billion in grants for batteries and more “green cars.” Talk about a bloody maize of confusion!


Not only are these green cars another ABOP (another botched Obama program), but did you know that Obama has issued 100% order – meaning all Government fleet vehicles must be green by 2015; we’ve already lost billions of dollars on Obama’s wee cars and now he’s forcing taxpayers to fill his barn with these monstrosities.


Find out how many millions of dollars of taxpayers money went to Petrabra and Soros for off shore drilling, so we can be gouged by higher oil prices. Obama just loves off shore drilling, when it isn’t on our turf!


The Liberal News Media has our number; they know we’re just too busy to do our homework and they also consider us down right stupid.  For those millions of Americans who are fighting to take back our country, God Bless You. 


As Always,

Little Tboca