DUMPSTER'S Afternoon Dump (2nd addition 5/29/11)

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NYT

Usually, we post once per day, but today was one of those just right days to share “what’s new, not so new and what might be.”

A few persons of interest have arrived at the Club Obama house the past several years, Eric Holder (Oh No), Old Ben (Bernanke) the one who’s responsible for popping the “Housing Bubble” and master mind of inflation. 

Don’t let these two out of your site – every time you buy gas, food or other consumer goods, just remember you’re paying more because of Old Ben’s fiddling with taxpayers’ money. Ben is hot to trop wanting to print more monopoly money.  To Ben, I say get a row boat and find a new country. 

Holder, the one who wants to hug and kiss the terrorists and bring them to the USA, also the one who knows about Project Gunrunner -I hold him totally responsible for the death of U.S. Border Protection Agent Brian Terry one of our border agents.  Killed by a gun from the project gunrunner.  Both Holder and Obama knew about Project Gunrunner. 

Now, just a few days ago we have a new person of interest, Jesse Lee.  Obama assigned him a sophisticated title, little Jesse is Obama’s Director of Progressive Media & Online Response– he’s just another one of Obama’s hatchet men trying to control the Internet and news media.

Check out Jesse’s other half, Nita Chaudhary you know the one who attacked General David Petraeus depicting our brave general as “General Betray Us.”  Shame on her – she needs to find a new home too!   

To me friends, Jesse’s unsophisticated title is the “Crap Keeper.” His job is to wrap all of Obama’s lies, propaganda up in a cute little box with all the bells and whistles and sell it to America.  You’re about to meet the attack dog who has honed his skills in the art of lying, propaganda and smears. 

Jesse is attached at the hip with George Soros who funds the Moveon.org; so heads up you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot of the “Crap Keeper” between now and 2012.

Footnote: Americans, I do believe we’re paying for this “Crap Keeper” out of our pockets!  It’s worth checking in to – because I for one don’t remember being asked if we want Jesse Lee monitoring our Internet or tampering with my “freedom of speech.” 

Keep a watchful eye out as the left news media (NBC,MSNBC,­CNN,CBS,AB­C,Media Matters) supports Jesse’s attempt to suppress the Conservatives.  Wonder what Cass Sunstein’s new job will be now that Jesse has sort a taken his thankless job and demoted him to what? 

So Americans, let’s give Jesse Lee a proper welcome from our beloved Nation – make sure he’s busier than a dog with Texas Fleas, after all if we’re paying him that makes Jesse our employee.  PS  Feel free to write him up and put him on a 60 day plan. 

May God Bless America,


As Always,

Little Tboca