DUMPSTER'S Morning Dump 5/29/11

CNN, MSNBC, Media Matters, NY Times, CBS

Memorial Day week end is a time for all of us to thank the brave men and women who have fought and still fight for our freedom and safety. I pray God will be with them, their families and loved ones today and everyday.

The Dumpsters can’t even print the truth on Memorial Day week-end; they’re obsessed with ½ a story, part of a story or no story at all!

Media Matters – here’s some more garbage that only a weak information site like MM would post. They not only post it, they rave about the article written by New York Magazine stating Fox’s Roger Ailes dislikes Sarah Palin.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Roger not only likes Sarah, but works with her and helps her on her tough journey to restore our Nation. Here again, Media Matter spawns off their weak defense stating a friend of a friend of Ailes said – more garbage in, more garbage out.

Roger Ailes will handle this bit of propaganda professionally and with a no –nonsense approach. All MM needed to do is go to Roger, if they wanted to know the truth…

CNN – tries their best to make Obama’s visits to the tornado ravaged East something Americans should be proud of, but again he was off playing politics, campaigning for 2012 instead of being at home tending to our Nation’s many problems. This is one week later, hundreds of people killed or injured, towns destroyed and here come “Club Obama.” This is beyond disgusting!

Playing around in the pubs of Ireland or playing footsy with the Queen of England isn’t what Americans expect from their “Commander in Chief.”

MSNBC – David Gregory needs a huge hand for his interview of Chuck Schumer (D) on the Medicare issue. David’s interview was one of the best that I’ve seen in a long time.

Schumer spewed many lies about Medicare once again, basically saying President Clinton was wrong; Schumer said that Democrats were doing a lot of things to improve Medicare – name one Mr. Schumer!

He continued in a rather mindless manner wanting more regulations on our Private Care Physicians. Doesn’t Chuck Schumer know that government’s vicious intervention against our physicians has literally eliminated PC physicians? The Nurse practitioner is going to fill the shoes of our PC’s.

How sad to see some one like Chuck Schumer spout so much garbage; this man is so out of touch with reality and this type politician once again is the problem, not the solution.

As David Gregory stated, “Waste, Fraud and Abuse” are basically just scare tactics like the Democrats used in the New York State election.

CBS – pretty much continues the scare tactics on Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan, which is not just sad, it shows how lazy and uninformed their anchors and journalists are on important issues such as Medicare.
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla) the brand new DNC chair is the perfect example of why our Nation’s foundation remains weak. Debbie is just using a Democratic canned speech without stating the real problem.
Debbie uses the same phrase that a jillion other Democrats have used the past few days saying, “the Republican proposal, would end the program as we know it.” Typical Democratic remarks, no solutions just propaganda laced with idle rhetoric.
Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan have told our Nation the real problems. Medicare is headed for insolvency and healthcare is devouring our Nation. That’s it in a nutshell – no options here, either fix the problem or do without Medicare a few years down the road.

NYT – Well, folks it appears NYT doesn’t like having me as a frequent flyer unless I want to pay some money to read what might be what isn’t and who’s to blame, so I’ll work on this little problem today and give you an update tomorrow. Think someone up there doesn’t like me or is this known as a scare tactic?

God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca