Dumpster's Morning Dump 5/2711


CNN – Why are they so worried about Newt Gingrich’s Tiffany & Co. jewelry store purchases? Newt says he is debt free, which is truly a refreshing statement after observing the way Obama and gang have misused our credit card. Obama wouldn’t know what debt free meant if it hit him in the fanny – he’s already proven to be a person addicted to money.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Obama is gone missing again because he doesn’t give a “tinker’s dam” about balancing the budget. CNN should consider questioning the President about the 4 Trillion additional debt, the billions he stashed in the Obamacare bill, 10,000 more Americans without jobs – little things like that are the real story.

NBC – news of the day is the “great auto” pen. More important then dabbling around with the “pen” would be the question, why is Obama missing again when our Nation is in such a shambles. It would behoove NBC to find out the real story behind the stories.

Doesn’t it ever occur to them that the man some call Mr. President conveniently runs and hides during the worst financial crisis the USA has ever experienced?

Where’s the great leader been hiding the last 21/2 years – why isn’t he concerned about all of the promises made to Americans, like balancing the budget, transparency, earmarks, Medicare, Medicaid, jobs, jobs and more jobs! NBC definitely is a problem, not the solution.

MSNBC – struggles with Obama’s 4 country 6 day trip so they keep repeating his canned speeches in a feeble attempt to condone his missing in action behavior. Only Obama would be snubbed by Solidarity founder

    Lech Walesa

, because Walesa is smart enough to know the meeting with Obama is just another photo op or feather to put in Obama’s hat.

Walesa, definitely was a key player in the freedom movement, which toppled communism and why would he want to meet with a leader who supports Hamas (the Oslamic Resistance Movement), Muslim Brotherhood and illegal aliens.

ABC – briefly discusses Obama and Republican job plans – strangely enough neither plan embraces immediate job creations. Each plan remains vague as far as immediate relief for our jobless Nation. I can’t figure out why ABC refuses tell the whole story, especially when talking about job plans. ABC needs to do their homework and help America solve this unemployment problem.

There are five major factors that hinder job growth, (1) The costly Obamacare bill, (2) Rising Inflation, and (3) Fear of more funny money printed by Bernanke, (4) The inability of both Republicans and Democrats to balance our Nation’s budget, and (5) Fear of higher taxes in the near future.
NYT – The Caucus can’t stand to let their hair down and concede that we in fact have a serious Medicare problem. Here’s the heading they splashed all over their website. “McConnell Downplays Politics of Medicare.”
Senator Mitch McConnell wasn’t downplaying anything, he said, “Medicare is on the table,” and “We don’t have this problem because we tax too little. We have it because we spent too much. And I am confident that taxes are not going to be a part of this.” May 27, 2011, 1:42 pm, Jennifer Steinhauer, the NYT.

Jennifer, this is the perfect example of stripping politics out of the problem and telling the truth and that’s what Senator McConnell did…

Senator McConnell is just reaffirming what Paul Ryan and President Clinton have stated. Medicare is headed towards insolvency and healthcare is devouring our Nation. Why can’t NYT just be honest with Americans, we have a Medicare problem that needs immediate attention – it’s that simple!
May God Bless America

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Little Tboca