The Dumpsters Morning Dump-Day 3

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NY Times, CBS – names not changed to protect the innocent nor the corrupt!

MSNBC – Chris Mathews was having a hay day talking about the Republicans (elephants) mumbling something about a graveyard, but one must wonder why he’s so ashamed of the“Donkeys.” Chris knows that quite a few of the Donkeys are leaving the Obama barn; I believe its called job security. Even Biden smacked Obama’s hands on National TV for the shabby manner way he treated Benjamin Netanyahu.

But, Like Donald Trump said, Obama has won the “grand prize,” as the worst President in the history of the US – poor ole Carter now has his thumb in his mouth or is it his foot.

CNN – Candy Crowley (State of the Union) was caught with her bloomers down the other day, when her two guests refused to make an appearance. There’s poor Candy just sitting around trying to be suave and pass the time of day. Her guests, Ambassador of Israel and Pakistani Rep. turned tail and ran. Guess this explains CNN’s rating problems!

CBS – Mark Knoller must have been suffering from boredom because writing about Obama’s pardons had to be a last resort. Anyway, Mark put on a good front, sort of bragging that Obama now has his second bunch of pardons under his wing. Don’t think I’d be bragging about this too much Mark, but here’s a partial list of Obama’s pardons. It appears drugs are in…

(1) Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, (2) Conspiracy to distribute marijuana, (3) Conspiracy to import (Hashish), and (4) Aiding and abetting the possession and sale of illegal American Alligator hides. Two comments, does Obama have a drug problem and are those illegal gators related to our illegal aliens?

New York Times – Poor Paul Krugman sitting there behind his little desk wailing about the Republicans not raising the debt ceiling; Paul is scared and dreads the thought of ruthlessly doing the right thing, like taking Obama’s credit card away, repealing Obamacare, letting Obama buy his own jet for his 2012 campaign and getting rid of Michelle’s 17 or 18 handmaidens (for starters.)

Paul, it’ll be alright, because Americans are gonna “take back their Country” in 2012.

ABC – can’t get over the hump; they’re still totally enthralled with Obama’s little jaunt to Ireland to reunite ties with his great, great, great “Grampy,” but I think Michelle’s been hanging out at McDonalds too much, the motorcade bottomed out and they had to reload or is it repack? Obama’s and his teleprompter sounded like his 2008 campaign of hope and change saying, “Yes we can,” “Yes we can.” That’s all it took to get the Volcanoes riled up again; they ushered the Obamas right out Ireland!

Let’s give ABC a little credit here, “no news is good news.”

“May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca