Obama or ? For 2012

One would think that a Nation on the brink of financial disaster and economic ruin would definitely be hell bent on replacing Obama for 2012.  But, balanced budget, jobs and restoring our Nation’s foundation really won’t be the prerequisites for the 2012 campaign. 

Although candidates will use balancing the budget, paying down the National Deficit and restriction of the senseless spending spree we’re experiencing as their platform, it will take much more than that to win the Presidential Election of 2012.

Logic tells us that the “good ole boy or girl,” who believes in the  Constitution that our forefather s crafted for us and the one who vows to restore our Government as a governing body of the people, by the people and for the people will sprint out in front as a viable candidate against Barack Obama.  But, our problems run much deeper then this…

Many Americans suffer from a nagging conscience that keeps erupting telling us our complacency and lack of involvement in our Government created the political monster that has many, many arms. 

These are the people who vow daily to “take back their Country,” and restore our Nation to its once strong foundation for their children, their grandchildren and future generations to come.  But, will that be enough to remove the one some call, Mr. President?

For those who think replacing Obama will pretty much be a “slam dunk,” once the right man or woman is chosen, frankly they’re quite delusional. No doubt, Barack Obama has been the worst President in our Nation’s history and without a doubt he’s told more lies defaulted on his many promises to America, but he remains the person in power. 

Electing a President for 2012 will prove to be the toughest assignment Americans have ever had placed on their plates, because the one we choose to replace Obama better come prepared for the fight of their life.  He or she must be prepared to stand toe to toe with this man and reduce him to nothing but a man with a teleprompter. 

As it stands right now, money, Liberal news media and those millions who have been immersed in Socialistic values since infancy are prepared to usher Obama in for 2012. 

Mike Hucklebee and Donald Trump changed their minds deciding not to attempt the run for President; they both surveyed the playing field and opted out!  Both good men, but possibly not mentally, financially or physically equipped to withstand the onslaught that the Obama gang and Liberal news media have in their arsenal. 

How sad, to think money will possibly once again buy the Presidency of our Nation. How sad to think the news media will once again use the “race card” as their trump in the hole.  How sad to realize Obama possibly can win again on a platform of lies, rhetoric and promises! 

But, the good news and the one that millions of Americans can take to the bank – the one thing Obama’s money can’t buy, the one thing the Liberal News Media can’t control, the one thing those trying convert our Nation to Socialism is this:  God is alive and well, prepared to help us win this fight, if we but ask.  May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca