The "Sneakers Make Headlines" Obama, Pelosi and Reid

Webster’s definition of “Sneak” is a person who acts in a stealthy, furtive, or shifty manner and the plural of sneak is “Sneakers.”  America, we have a problem; our White House is full of “Sneakers.”   Obama, Pelosi and Reid, are the three top dogs that could be catorized as the professional sneakers in D.C. This threesome has made our lives a living “hell”!

Starting way back in 2009 they nabbed our money, called it a stimulus bill and tossed it out the backdoor to the Unions, Freddie, Fannie, Chrysler Corporation and any and all their shady friends hanging out in the boondocks. 

Next, Obama nudged George Bush and asked old George to request 350 billion of our TARP money telling Bush he needed some spare ammunition in case our sickened economy might need a boost.  Basically Obama grabbed the 350 billion and ran like a cow that’s been in loco weed. 

Shortly after this scam, Obama wanted another 350 billion promising to use it for foreclosure prevention confirming that he would monitor how funds were spent by the recipients.  Almost in the same breath Obama promised to include limits on all executive bonuses, perks or compensation along with restrictions on corporate acquisition favors.  Even the Democrats were questioning this transaction and wondering why Obama kept dipping in the till.

By this time, Americans were beginning to get suspicious of where their stimulus money was going and why nothing was being done to assist with the “housing bubble.”  They were growling and complaining about the lack of transparency, so the sneakers went behind closed doors and created the HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) and tossed it out to the homeowners.  It was a costly defunct program that was established to pad the pockets of the corrupt banks and lenders.

The banks made profit and got fat, while millions of Americans continued losing their homes. In fact the projection for 2011 foreclosures exceeds a million.  Obama can’t be bothered with little insignificant things like home foreclosures and repos – he’s totally immersed in his 2012 Presidential campaign.   

Back to 2009, Obama tossed Americans a few more fake tidbits and promised our Hispanic friends real immigration reform.  Once again, the sneakers (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) snuck behind closed doors crafting the Obamacare bill, the largest most diabolical piece of legislation in our Nations’ history.

The hatchet queen, (Nancy Pelosi) and the plow boy (Harry Reid) remained behind closed doors, while Obama popped in an out on National TV assuring Americans that the recession was over and jobs were on their way.

After the Obamacare bill was passed, our National Deficit literally swelled up like a big toad and at this time our debt is increasing at several million per minute.  As of 20 May 2011 at 04:25:34 AM GMT is: $ 14,350,612,712,984.81-none of us have a clue how to stop the spending free fall except Paul Ryan; he is the only man to step forward with a plan to balance the budget. 

Our Nation is broke, we’re on the brink of a Depression and the irony of this is neither Republicans nor Democrats get the picture. They are doing what politicians do; they’re playing Russian roulette with Americans making deals behind closed doors about raising our debt ceiling in a tradeoff for a few piddly tax cuts.

Obamacare waivers are the latest scuttlebutt on the streets; Pelosi and Reid it appears sneaked out from behind closed doors to help hand out these waivers.  Nancy took a couple bushel baskets full of waivers for her district and Reid not wanting to be outdone showered waivers throughout Las Vegas.

Until Americans decide to “Take Back Our Country,” establish a Government of the people by the people and for the people – we will remain One Nation Under GOV With No Jobs, Foreclosures and Higher Taxes for All.  

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca