Obama - Rapidly Losing the 2012 Campaign

Obama wants to take our liberty and freedom one piece at a time.  Today, he refused to give the Boston Herald full access to his fund raiser in Boston, basically his objection was the fact the Boston Herald newspaper’s front page placement was a Mitt Romney op-ed.   

A few days ago his Administration decided May 12, 2011 is drafting a proposal that make those who contract with the government disclose their political contributions.  This means if a political contribution doesn’t suit them your bid will be thrown out the window or flushed down the toilet.

Remember in 2010, he tried to sneak in voter status for all illegal aliens – talk about a ploy to nab millions of votes for free.  The Obamacare bill that was to be transparent – none of us got to read it, including our House and Senate.   It had to be passed, before anyone was allowed to read it!  America we’re in a mess!

By the way, if you spell your name right and knows someone who knows someone, you can go to the backdoor of the White House and get a waiver on Obamacare.

Drilling for oil was smugly shut down by Obama, so he could pad Soros and Petra bras’ pockets; that equates to shipping our oil from Brazil at exorbitant prices and getting gouged again by Obama.  Believe Soros is sort of “double dipping” here, what do you think?                           

Even though, Barack Obama thinks his billions will buy the 2012 Presidency, he neglected several pertinent factors that money can’t buy.  There are four factors that Obama’s Administration didn’t figure into their 2012 Presidential Campaign. 

(1) This isn’t 2008 – Americans are engaged and savvy, (2) The Hispanic Community realize they’ve been blindsided, (3) The youth of today aren’t going to buy his glib tongue and idle promises like they did in 2008, and (4) Americans will not endure another 4 years of Obamanism.

Although Americans were fairly complacent during 2008 and a small majority decided to give Obama a test run, their tolerance for Obama and his Administration is petering out. 

The Obamacare bill, which no one read is preventing job growth due to the terrific cost that has been placed on corporate shoulders.  26 states are using precious funds trying to repeal this bill and the Supreme Court won’t expedite a decision and appear to be dragging – – – , until the 2012 Presidential election is over.

The economic forecast remains the same as January 2009 – no jobs, unemployment creeping up again, and our youth feel they’ve spent 4 to 9 years in college for naught. 

The mainstream news media and Obama are playing with fire this time as they continue lying to America.  They know the truth about our border situation; it’s beginning to look a lot Israel on our border – we’re surrounded by terrorists, illegal aliens and the drug cartel.

They give us false figures on the economy telling Americans that Obama created all these millions of jobs – unemployment is probably at about 19 to 22%.  Need I say anymore?

 In a desperate attempt to hide the truth the news media is losing the little bit of legitimacy they once had – they’re turned into the “Dumpsters,” garbage in and garbage out.

What goes around comes around and that’s just what is happening to Obama as he tries to feed Americans the same lies as he did in 2008 – his soft shoe dance along with his theatrics no longer impresses those who are without jobs, scared about their kid’s future and wondering where their next meal will come from. 

“May God Bless America”

As Always,

Little Tboca