Will John Boehner Cry or Fight?

Think it’s time to give John Boehner a “wake up call.”  What doesn’t he understand about zipping his big boy pants and doing the job he was hired to do?  It seems Obama and Boehner are attached at the lips; one lies and the other one lies too!  John Boehner is going to do a repeat like he and the Republicans did with the 2011 budget.

They promised us 100 billion in cuts that dwindled down to a few million dollars of non – descript budget cuts.  John crumpled just like Obama and Reid predicted when the threesome went behind closed doors to finalize the budget cuts.  John came out smiling letting Americans know that he understands Obama much better and Obama came out smiling because he once again won the poker hand against Republicans. 

J. Boehner, like Obama is pretty good at theatrics and blows off to the news media that Republicans won’t agree to raise the debt ceiling until trillions of dollars in spending cuts are put on the table. Same story and same tune that the Republicans played during the 2011 budget negotiations. 

J. Boehner knows he will agree to raise the debt ceiling, but he needs Obama and Reid to provide the side show for Americans.  The three will go behind closed doors once again and the X-rated movie will be under way. 

J. Boehner will come out smiling, teary eyed and say after a long battle with the Democrats, Republicans have been promised trillions of dollars in spending cuts.  Promised is the key word here, because it will be a cold day in —- before that happens.  Please realize that Obama and Reid have no reason to negotiate, because it’s just a matter of time until the Republicans crumble and agree to raise the debt ceiling. 

Heck, they can’t even support Paul Ryan’s budget, they are falling over themselves as they distance themselves from Paul.  David Camp and Eric Cantor are running fast and furious while trying to relegate Paul’s budget to the ancient history shelves.  

Newt Gingrich on NBC’s Meet the Press kicked Paul’s budget to the curb referring to it as “radical and too big a jump.”  Newt is basically throwing his hat in the pot Obama style and going for Liberal votes.  Newt is coloring Obamacare as OK, but needing a few minor changes – obviously Newt hasn’t learned anything from his previous mistakes as a politician!

David Camp is throwing his weight around since he’s the chair on the House Ways and Means committee;  he makes no bones about dumping Paul Ryan’s budget in the gutter. David has drawn his line in the sand, calling Paul Ryan’s budget “Dead on Arrival” in the Senate – he refuses to waste any more time on Paul’s budget in the house. 

Cantor is straddling the fence, not wanting to offend our freshmen in the White House, so he’s merely saying Paul’s budget is a good starting point for 2012.  David Camp, Eric Cantor and Gingrich have no intentions of honoring their “Pledge to America’ made just a few months ago by the gutless wonders we call Republicans.

The Republicans might as well take a long time out, because they don’t have a game plan anymore and yet they have control of the House.   It’s obvious that the Republicans are a bunch of wimps who are afraid to stand toe to toe with the Democrats.  John Boehner has set us up once again for the kill – politics as usual ladies and gentlemen.  Nothing has changed! 

Bernanke, Reid, Pelosi, Obama with the able assistance of the left new media will continue painting a dismal picture if the debt ceiling isn’t raised; they’ll lie and tell us like “Chicken Little” that the sky is falling in…

Meanwhile Obama is doing his usual as he starts his 2012 campaign spewing political rhetoric like it’s going out of style.  Obama continues telling Americans that in his 2 ½ years as President, he has saved us from economic disaster – outside of taking credit for the demise of Osama bin Laden, he has managed to redistribute our money, pass the inevitable money sucking Obamacare and screw up our relationship with Israel, give the Muslim brotherhood a boost and play hide and seek with Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi. 

As of May 16, 2011 John Boehner is sticking up for Americans – this was reported on ABC just a few minutes ago, John Boehner said, “There will be no debt limit increase without serious budget reforms and significant spending cuts – cuts that are greater than any increase in the debt limit.”

Maybe, just maybe I’ve misjudged J. Boehner – I hope he doesn’t fall into Obama and Reid’s trap that they’ve set for him.   John definitely has the left news media to contend with, some cantankerous Democrats and a few Republicans, but he must remember the “Pledge to America.” 

I’m a doubting Thomas and still think the Republicans will succumb to Obama’s pressure to raise the debt ceiling with only idle promises of cutting our National Deficit.  If I’m wrong in this judgment call, I will be the first to call J. Boehner and apologize, but for now I’m sending this letter to John, Eric Cantor, David Camp and Newt Gingrich. 


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca