Barack and Michelle Play House - America Suffers

No wonder Michelle said, “she is finally proud of America” because unbeknownst to Americans, Barack and Michelle took our credit card without any credit limit and set up their playhouse a1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington D.C. spending about 3.7 trillion or more in less than 3 years.  I believe that kind of spending will hit the Guinness Book of World Records!

First Obama wanted Czars, lot of Czars, he and Michelle sat up the next few nights picking out names for his new toys, like the car Czar, the border Czar, the auto recovery Czar, the water Czar, the Climate Czar and when they ran out of ideas the just assigned their Czars a territory like Mideast Peace Czar, Sudan Czar and his Czar list just rambles on.  Don’t forget the Green Czar, now they’re calling them colors – but who cares as long as Obama’s Czars are paid well!

It really doesn’t matter what the next new Czars name is – does it?  What really matters is the only one the Czars have to answer to is Obama, not Americans! 

Obama continued, “I’m flying Cornell McClellan in to DC every week to keep those sweat cheeks of yours in shape.” 

In the meantime, Michelle bounced up and down on their bed (think it was one of those sleep fit mattresses) – anyway it didn’t knock Obama’s beer on the floor.  My turn she said, “I need some handmaidens, a few secretaries and girlfriends to bum around with while you’re busy playing President – so he gave her about 23 pretty ladies and the cost to Americans is around $1,600,000 dollars a year. 

As an afterthought, he whispered in Michelle’s ear, “Wait until you see who’s going to get that stimulus money.”  He named off a few, AIG executives, Unions, lobbyists, Fannie, Freddie, General Motors and some of our more influential banker friends of ours.  She was delighted and gleefully starting helping Obama redistribute our money.

While the Ken and Barbie Obamas are playing house, Americans are suffering.  We are paying more, much more for gas, food and consumer goods.  Unemployment is jumping up again. 2011 is predicted to be the worst year for foreclosures and repossessions. Bernanke has the “itchy” fingers and wants to pound out a few more billion dollars from his magic press to increase our already shameful “Debt Ceiling.” Republicans are doing what???

College students have been waiting for those jobs that Obama promised to no avail.  Our Hispanic community is going thru another year of Obama’s famous “hope and promises” while the Mexican terrorists invade our Nation.

Ken and Barbie have overstepped their boundaries – I really don’t care where Michelle goes on vacation, but I resent her using our personal jet that costs $ 11,351 dollars per hour to operate meaning the round trip cost about 160 to 175 thousand dollars; we didn’t elect Michelle Obama…

It’s time to insist on transparency – Americans deserve to know if we’re paying for his jet and any of his campaign expenses.  We need to know why he isn’t in the White House doing his job and most of all we need to know why he’s putting the monkey on our children’s backs. 

Here is what he said to our kids March 30, 2011 at Georgetown University. “We need you to dream big.  We need you to summon that same spirit of unbridled optimism and that bold willingness to tackle tough challenges and see those challenges through that led previous generations to rise to greatness -– to save a democracy, to touch the moon, to connect the world with our own science and our own imagination.“  What a bunch of garbage!

And my answer to that Mr. Obama is this, “we need you to put in your resignation and remove yourself from office – our college graduates have been waiting for 2 ½ years on those jobs you promise, the“change we can believe in,” transparency, downsizing the  government, eradicating earmarks, saving our homes and a better future for America. You Flunked Obama!

May God Bless America,

As Always,

Little Tboca