Trump Says "I'm Not Nice"

Maybe it’s time to do a little soul searching and not base our opinions on a man’s monetary accomplishments – it might behoove us to find out the man’s real worth  and his values and quit sizing a man up by race, color, how he dresses or your personal dislikes or likes. 

For me, it really doesn’t matter if he wears designer clothes, has his nails manicured or if he’s dressed in fatigues as long as he loves his country and has the ability to lead and restore our Nation to its once strong foundation.    

Hair – who cares if we’re picking the next man or women by their hairdo, we’re in deeper trouble then I thought.  Personally I don’t care if their hair is purple with polka dots!  By the way Trump’s hair isn’t purple with polka dots – so why is his hair or looks even brought to the table. 

By gosh, he used the “f” word in Vegas when speaking to a group of women.  That was more than a little naughty, so send him to his room for a time out or wash his mouth out with soap, but listen to his message. 

Whether Donald Trump runs for President of the United States or not – his message is certainly worth listening to, because no other person at this time has taken on the establishment, meaning Republicans and Democrats. 

If Americans want nice as he says, “I’m not nice.” If you want politically correct, forget it he’s not about to kiss —- or pat fannies!  If you’re looking for the good ole guy who will join the club in Washington and play the game of cat n’ mouse in the White House, he’s definitely not the right man for the job.

Many Americans frown on him because of his hair, how shallow, or point fingers because he’s been married before and his companies have restructured by declaring bankruptcy. 

Others complain about his celebrity status and hate him because he’s been a very successful business person and accumulated a sizeable nest egg.  Still others compare his political donations saying he donated more to Democrats then Republicans, so what’s that suppose to prove – he’s a businessman.    

Let’s go back in time a bit; Ronald Reagan and Woodrow Wilson just happen to be two examples of men who were married more than once.  Speaking of bankruptcy Abe Lincoln filed bankruptcy and suffered a nervous breakdown and ran 7 or 8 times before he was finally elected President

Thomas Jefferson detested debt, went bankrupt several times and Ulysses S. Grant went bankrupt right along with his company and the list just rambles on…  Big names such as Disney, H.J. Heinz also went bankrupt and as we know those companies are alive and well today.

Donald Trump comes to our table with a message to our Nation, not because he wants to be President of the USA, but because he loves our Country and Americans.  He wants to leave our children and grandchildren a legacy that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

It’s anyone’s guess what America is looking for in a Presidential candidate for 2012, but there remains a few things that we should consider – in fact they’re etched in stone. 

Vetting – yes that’s number one on the list and that includes Obama.  If Barack wants to have another run at President this time he needs to be vetted.

Executive ability – the man or woman running for the Presidential position must be able to lead.

Prioritize – be able to evaluate our Countries present status quo and determine in what his or her priorities are such as balancing the budget, downsizing the government, foreign relations, job creation etc.

Commitment – he or she must be loyal to our Nation by honoring the roadmap (Constitution) given to us by our forefather and committed to the cause of restoring our Nation

The message Donald Trump has brought to the forefront is our great Nation is toppling, inflation is growing by the minute, foreign countries laugh at us and we’ve lost our clout, we can’t even make children’s toys anymore, China and OPEC are two problems that can be fixed immediately. 

He goes on to say, that the billions of dollars that America gives to foreign countries must be stopped and we need to quit meddling in the foreigners’ business unless it is a problem that is affecting our Nation. 

In all his speeches, you will hear these words, “I love my country,” and you can take that to the bank – he wants America to stand strong once again. 

We need Donald Trump to keep fighting for our country, whether he runs for President or not – sooner or later the news media will have to talk about real problems, real solutions and quit the stupid rhetoric. 

Sooner or later Republicans and Democrats will have to align with their people and their Nation and fight for a common cause.   “Take Back Our Country America.”

May God Bless our Nation


As Always,

Little Tboca