AP - GfK and Rasmussen Don't Agree

Waking up today and hearing Obama had an approval rating of 60 was not only a surprise, but honestly it was more than a little bit confusing.  Understanding that Obama received a bump when the Navy Seals removed Osama bin Laden was totally predictable, but hearing that 52% approve Obama’s stewardship over the economy was a little too much. 

Logic tells us that the poll taken by AP – GfKwasn’t exactly according to Hoyle!  Americans are considered dumb by the Obama Administration, but they aren’t stupid.  There was 2.9 million foreclosure notice for 2010 which was high then homes foreclosed on in 2009.  At the rate 2011 is going, foreclosures will hit an all time high.

Unemployment is creeping up again, inflation rising at a rapid rate as gas and food prices soar.  Many of our youth dropped out of college due to our economic crisis and thousands of our college graduates have waited several years looking for a job. So I continued my investigation and here is what I discovered.

The polls put out by AP-GfK probably were weighed meaning the actual wording in the questions and the polling methodology pretty much explains what occurred today.  If one would want to verify this,  contact AP – GfK and ask them the wording and methodology used for this poll.

Next, Rasmussen polls actually showing that Obama’s bounce is being deflated rapidly.  Presidential Approval Index is -12.               

25 % Strongly Approve   37%  Strongly Disapprove    28%  Total Approve   52% Total Disapprove

The Mega-billionaires like Klarman, Gross and Icahn are tidying up their house in the event of a total meltdown in our Nation; these men are great barometers when it comes to gauging the recession and our broken economy.   

Henry Blodget over at Business Insider reviews charts from Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkis stating, our economy is screwed up.  These charts may be viewed at http://www.theblaze.com/stories/the-charts-that-show-why-the-u-s-is-screwed/

You’ll notice in these charts that the 2010 revenues is 2.2 Trillion and expenses are 3,5 trillion meaning we’re so deep in debt and wading in it without a hope of realizing better times.  We don’t bring in enough in revenue to meet our obligations and yet Obama ‘s Administration keeps spending. 

Here is a chart posted by AP – GfK– the red line signifies that we’re going in the wrong direction – this poll was taken May 5th – 9th 2011.   Check this chart out http://www.ap-gfkpoll.com/  

So it’s rather difficult to believe that a reputable company would publish information such as they did today.  This information spread throughout the world like wildfire.  Did they make an honest mistake or are they joining Obama in his 2012 campaign? 

Time will tell, but Americans will know before 2012 rolls around if this man some call Mr. President is truly the leader that we would choose again to protect our Nation and keep our children safe.  As we stand in the unemployment lines and continue to lose our homes wondering where our next meal will come from; we will make the necessary changes in 2012. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca