Obama - Attempts to Scam our Hispanic Friends Again

Tuesday, May 10, 2011, was but another feeble attempt by Obama’s to stuff some votes in his pocket for his 2012 campaign.  While America is struggling with the debt ceiling problem and unemployment is creeping up along with a National Deficit that increases 4.4 billion daily, Obama thumbs his nose at America and tromps merrily along attempting to scam our Hispanic friends again. 

The speech on the Texas border was a history lesson poorly written.  Will our Latina friends buy what he’s selling in 2011 or will they join with us in an attempt to secure our borders, reduce our National Deficit and restore jobs? 

Obama says our borders are safer than they’ve ever been, did he just hop off a cloud or does he have a hearing problem?  Most states in our Union are fighting the illegal immigration problem as we speak.

Jan Brewer, Arizona’s Governor knows about the Project Gunrunner gone awry, the murders increasing on the border, the drug dealers hiding in the mountains of Arizona, border agent murdered with one of assault weapons and an ICE agent killed. 

She has packed up the immigration enforcement law SB 1070 and is appealing directly to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Jan has met with Obama asking for help on the border without so much as a word of encouragement coming from Obama, she’s fighting for her State of Arizona and all Arizonians – Obama is fighting for votes for 2012.

Obama often refers to Mexico working side by side with us to stop illegal immigration, how untrue.  Mexico encourages and probably assists the illegals in crossing the border, because the Mexican Government receives about 20 billion a year from illegal aliens working on our turf. 

Obama probably won’t acknowledge or maybe just doesn’t know that Texas has about 2,000 miles of border to patrol; they have been fighting the growing illegal immigration problem for years and they too have asked for Government help. 

California has been inundated with illegal aliens for many years, which very likely is one of the problems with their struggling economy.  Just think when a state delivers all the illegal babies for free, clothes, feeds and schools thousands of other illegal aliens, sooner or later the budget stretch is too great to maintain. 

So today, Obama’s speech on immigration was a brief history about immigrants, a sob story, a political rant and false promises once again to our friends.  It’s sad to see our Hispanic community used as Obama’s guinea pig for his 2012 campaign; they deserve more respect than that…

At this time in our history, to be exact 5/11/2011, all races are struggling in an effort to survive a recession, not eased but intensified by the Obama Administration.  We’re sinking together because our President is too busy campaigning and socializing!

We shake our heads in vain as we realize the President of the United States selfishly finds his 2012 campaign more important than the health of our Nation.

Americans will agree that illegal immigration is a problem and we agree that our borders need to be secured, but before we tackle that problem we need jobs, our homes back, lower gasoline and food prices.

It’s important to note that the Democrats didn’t flock to his side during his speech and that many Hispanic groups remember his promise to them in 2008 that he would work for them on an immigration bill in 2009. 

That didn’t happen, he spent over 18 months on a failed Obamacare bill and at the same time doling out our stimulus money to his political friends. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca