Obama's 2012 Photo Ops

Americans are tired of the “cheap seats” handed to us by Obama; we have grown weary of his games and political dialogue. For those who ooh and awe about his recent photo ops this week concerning Osama Bin Laden, Ground Zero and his speech to our Military at Fort Campbell, remember his track record since 2008 ranges some place below disgusting and evil. It’s hard to believe that Obama is truly engaged with Americans.

As we sit uncomfortably in our cheap seats, we remember how he handled the Christmas Bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the massacre at Fort Hood and most of all his
iftar dinner at the White House kicking off the Ramadan feast when he spoke to Muslims about the controversial mosque.

During the iftar dinner, in one of his “let me be clear” blurbs he said Muslims have the right to build a mosque along with a community center on private property in lower Manhattan providing they follow local laws and ordinances. Obama once again refused to stand beside the 911 victims and their families, pretty much telling the Muslims build wherever you want to build as long as zoning laws are followed.

He rambled on in the rest of his speech patting the Muslims on their fannies raving about their citizenship and applauding their mosques in 50 states. My question is simply this, “where were these courageous Muslims during all of the terrorist’s attacks and most recently the killing of Osama Bin Laden?” They’re either with us or against us!

It’s difficult to believe in Obama’s sincerity or concern for the 911 families, because his only stop at ground zero was during his campaign of 2008. How must the 911 victims and first responders feel that the President of the United States has neglected them until the brief drive by on Thursday?

It would appear his brief visit to ground zero was a last minute idea that his Administration conjured up – Donna Marsh O’Connor saying his visit was fine but the mysterious way it was planned was pretty much problematic and divisive.

According to many news sources the Obama Administration sent out 50 form letters to a handpicked 911 families inviting them to meet him at Ground Zero. John Vigiano, lost two sons on 911 and although he welcomes Obama’s visit he views it as another photo shoot.

Debra Burlingame’s brother Charles was the pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Debra was pleased that the Navy Seals mission to kill Osama Bin Laden was successful, but when she confronted Obama about the CIA agents who are being prosecuted over their interrogation of mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, he merely turned his back on her and walked away.

All Debra wanted was Obama’s sincere heart felt opinion about the CIA agents who are being prosecuted. His actions shouldn’t surprise anyone, because he’s not a decision maker but prefers straddling the fence in an effort to once again win the 2012 Presidential campaign.

Is it strange that Americans feel they’ve been relegated to the “cheap seats” and forced to watch R-Rated Obama movie starting Sunday night with the announcement of Osama’s death?

Too many Americans, the events of the past week have been merely to jump start Obama’s 2012 campaign. There are many of us who remember Obama’s lack of engagement during the terrorist attacks including the Fort Hood assassinations, which have pretty much been swept under the carpet.

We know his stance on the Mosque at Ground Zero and the 911 victims most of all realize that the form letters sent to 50 of the 911 families was a blatant slap in the face.

His refusal to talk with Debra Burlingame about our CIA agents who are being prosecuted only confirmed the fact that this man many call Mr. President has truly been AWOL since January 2009.

Americans will be left with many unanswered questions as they struggle in this recession as the employment rate is on the rise again. Inflation has trickled down affecting consumers and literally deflating their hopes of better times.

Did he use this week’s current events to be the backdrop for his 2012 photo ops? Did it really take him 16 or so hours to make a decision about the Navy Seal’s mission to kill Osama?

Did he even know about the Navy Seal Mission until it was well underway? Why did he want Guantanamo Bay closed? Why did he want terrorists tried in our USA?

Why didn’t he stand up for the 911 victims about the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero? The Muslims chose America as their country of choice and Obama clambered to be the first African American President of our Nation, why don’t the Muslim people and the Obama stand beside us in our fight for freedom?

We obviously are sitting in the cheap seats and these questions will haunt us the rest of our lives. But, we do have a job to do in 2012 and that’s the job at hand. “ God Bless Americans”

As Always,
Little Tboca