ABC, CBS. MSNBC, NPR – The “Dumpsters” Garbage In Garbage Out

Looking for a better word to describe the unprofessionalism and lack of journalistic values found in these news venues would be a waste of precious time. Remembering how they put us all in certain slots like birthers, racists, teabaggers etc. I discovered the perfect word, the perfect fit for them. Their expertise is “Garbage In Garbage Out,” so I settled for “Dumpsters.”

Then again, one must wonder why anyone would bother to listen day after day to news that is stacked full of vile remarks, unproven accusations loaded down with bias. Their daily agenda expresses contempt for our Nation and our people minus allegiance to their country or fellow Americans.

Look at the way they depicted the Tea Party Movement trying to incite Americans against a group of people who want to “Take Back Their Country.” They have devoted large portions of news time calling these people violent, racists trying to depict them as evil.

Just weeks ago they turned their heads on the violence, destruction of public buildings by the Union protestors in Wisconsin – why did they throw Americans under the bus again? Did they bother to mention the death threats against Scott Walker and other Republicans? Absolutely not!

So the question remains, “ Who or what is newsworthy for ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NPR and other news venues who have a selective hearing and seeing terminal illness? Look at the “spin” they put on the horrific crime in Tucson – did they report the real news or did they grasp at straws trying to create another yet headline special?

They weren’t interested in the “assassin, “construing and misconstruing the real news in order to get a specific reaction from Americans. There is plenty of evidence showing their lack of morals, ethics or professionalism and that’s not a personal judgment call – it’s the crap they create making National Headline News that speaks for itself.

ABC, CBS. MSNBC, NPR news venues pretty much can be placed in a category that I call “Garbage In Garbage Out” – their remaining viewers are the ones who thrive on X-rated movies, sex crimes and blood and gore. .

Americans have tired of the games the news media plays – they have too much on their plates to waste time reading lies, propaganda and what ifs! They want to know why their stimulus money was misused, why they are without jobs in the greatest country in the world. Gas prices, food prices and consumer goods keep rising, while their Government leaders continue playing politics and cat n’ mouse games.

Most of all they want a leader who isn’t out campaigning using their money while the National Deficit increases over 4 billion daily. They want a man or women who doesn’t hide behind closed doors, someone who knows how to balance our budget, solve the high unemployment problem and someone they can trust

If ABC, CBS. MSNBC, NPR want a news worthy story, they could help their country out by responding to the concerns of Americans. But, then again we’re talking about news Medias who’s only claim to fame is fictional journalism.
“May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca