Obama Handed a Royal Flush

Americans will probably never know the actual events that took place before or after the Navy Seals completed their Osama Bin Laden mission. Our Navy Seals say that Osama was placed to rest at sea, but we’ll never know the man that was truly the decision maker in this mission.

Never the less, Obama received a winning hand that has boosted his approval rating 11 to 12 points just because he stepped forward and claimed responsibility for Osama’s demise. Did he deserve this claim to fame, probably not?

All who have observed Obama since the beginning of 2008 know without a doubt that he didn’t approve of this mission and that is what makes this story is so intriguing. The person or persons in charge of this mission didn’t need Obama’s approval. But, obviously some of his Administration knew that Obama had just been handed a winning poker hand and they showed him how to play it.

Looking back at his campaign speeches in 22008, it’s easy to understand that he absolutely didn’t agree with Bush, Cheney or Americans about our stance on terrorism or the methods of interrogation.

In fact his anti – Iraq war position the first part of the 2008 campaign must be credited for his early popularity. Towards the end of the 2008 campaign, the “flip flop” man took another stance in attempt to secure voters by saying two of his priorities were, (1) Beefing up the war in Afghanistan against terrorists, and (2) The nuclear problems with Iran.

The one who speaks out of both sides of his mouth played cat and mouse with our Nation changing his speeches like he changes his underwear. In mid summer of 2008, he announced to our Nation that by mid July of 2010 his plan was to remove all war combat troops from Afghanistan.

To take that one step further, after being handed the position of President, Obama announced to God and the whole world when he’d start removing troops form Afghanistan – that decision by itself shows his weak terrorist policies.

Remember in 2009 when Obama signed executive orders, which basically were meant to end our CIA’s secret prisons including closing Guantanamo Bay. At the same time one of his orders was removing Bush’s interrogation policies when interrogating terrorists and limiting the Army to 19 specific means of interrogation of which none included waterboarding.

We all remember the Christmas bomber in 2010 and the blatant negligence by Obama not allowing the necessary interrogation that might prevent our Nation from experiencing another 911. Nope, he definitely showed his true colors during this time and surely not one of us can honestly think he ordered the Osama mission!

There’s many more episodes concerning terrorists that would literally fill a book during his short 2 ½ year term, but one of the bigger ones I’ll mention now was how his Administration has handled those who have crossed our borders in Arizona, California and Texas. First he called Arizona and their governor Jan Brewer misguided when they tried to pass the SB 1070 bill.

Then he hamstrung ICE who has actually admitted that due to the lack of funds, they are pretty much playing a game of London Bridge with many criminals who have crossed our borders who are apprehended, but then released. It’s been a stupid game of “futility” when it comes to securing our borders and protecting our Nation.

So to those who want to give Obama “Kudos” and praise for the Osama Bin Laden mission – enjoy it while you can, because those of us who have observed the way Obama has handled the terrorists, terrorist countries know that his “ideology” on terrorists is pretty much wily nilly and he wasn’t the one who made the final decision.

A leopard can’t change his spots; take a walk down memory lane. Remember the get out of jail free card for confessed terrorist Faisal Shahzad the Times Square Bomber? Does everyone remember how he allowed Omar Quadaffi to get situated and then did his world famous flip flop.

We all sat and watched as he turned against our Egyptian friends in the spring and made fun of the horrific problems on our Texas, California and Arizona borders by saying theses people are misguided. Having his pet watch dog get on National TV, Janet Napolitano and tell us that our borders are safer then they’ve ever been.

Napolitano and Obama would make one think that they’re from a different planet, because they certainly don’t have a clue or maybe they just don’t care what’s happening in our country.

Our Government has created a big cover up about the Navy Seal Mission to nab Osama Bin Laden and that shouldn’t surprise us. We get only the news that has been edited, regurgitated and chewed up in order to get a specific response from Americans.

For me, I say a special prayer everyday for our brave men and women in the military and a special thanks to our Navy Seals and their leader, Rear Admiral Ed Winters for their bravery and relentless pursuit of Osama. They remind me of what our great Nation stands for “ One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.”

“May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca