Obama, Plouffe, Messina - 3 Ring Circus Coming to Town

David Plouffe is the ringmaster and Obama’s the clown dressed up in designer clothes with magical bouncing balls and a teleprompter. Messina is the elephant trainer. The Plouffe, Obama and Messina circus is merely a repeat of 2008. Nothings changed and nothing new!

In 2008 Plouffe and Axelrod implemented two things in preparation for Obama’s campaign – they canned the message of “Hope and Change” threw in a bunch of dreams for those who believe the world owes them a living.

They played on our youth’s sympathy and patriotism creating a false mirage of the American Dream enlisting them as the saviors of our Nations. Simply put, Plouffe and Axelrod treated them like 5 year olds asking them to be student of the day and help their teacher.

They knew that youngsters love to show their muscle, so they asked them to defy their parents, their grandparents and be a part of the new world of ‘hope and change.” They understood that in our high tech society the youth of today exist entirely on three sources of information, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. What you see and hear is what you get kind of attitude!

For the Latinas, African Americans and many women, they merely created an R-rated movie called “Poor Me” emphasizing the plight of the Underdog and tossed in vile language, tales of abuse and of course the Race Card was the heroin.

Basically the 2008 Obama campaign was nothing more then a package of “nothing” wrapped in beautiful paper with several silk bows. But, that elusive package of “nothing” was enough to turn heads and get votes.

For many thought the elegant package was filled with the awesome promises of “hope and change,” and they were willing to sell their lives to the devil to own the package of nothing.

So in 2012, Obama with the able assistance of David Plouffe and Jim Messina, Obama is still running on “hope and change,” but under false aliases. Hope has been replaced by the word sacrifice; Obama is asking Americans once again to let him redistribute their money and insisting that the wealthy will pay his way this time around.

He refuses to discuss his first 2 ½ years when Americans sacrificed 3.7 trillion dollars, over 12 million Americans plus their family members have lost their homes and about 20 % of working Americans are unemployed., He has the arrogance and guts to put the monkey on Americans backs once again!.

Change has been replaced by two words, shared responsibility merely meaning that everyone must do more and expect less. Now that’s a mouthful, Americans have already handed over everything but their underwear to the one some call Mr. President.

Once again, the 2012 campaign will focus energy and millions of dollars on our college students, our Latina friends and our African American community, the same strategy used in 2008. As I stated earlier, nothing has changed. The message for 2012 has been canned replacing hope and change with sacrifice and shared responsibility.

Plouffe (Obama’s senior adviser) and Messina (campaign manager) are perfectly contented running the Obama campaign using Facebook, Twitter and You Tube venues. Obama with trusty teleprompter will be bouncing around creating distraction and division of our troops.

The big question remains can Obama, Plouffe and Messina sell “Snake Oil” to Americans in 2012 the same way they handed it out for free in 2008? Only Americans can answer this question.

The three are betting their careers on 2012 being a slam dunk because many Americans are still under the hypnotic powers created during the 2008 campaign and are most comfortable in the illusive magical world of Obama.

The 3 ringed circus has made its debut for the 2012 campaign early; Obama is using taxpayers’ money to finance a lot of this campaign. How do I know, it’s pretty simple to see that he’s not spending time in the White House balancing the budget, honoring transparency and creating jobs. He’s been AWOL since November 2008 and now for the next 1 ½ years, Obama will focus on the 2012 campaign.

Nothing changed, business as usual – Republicans and Democrats have been hung out to dry with nothing but a fig leaf for cover up.

“May God Bless America”

As always,
Little Tboca