Obama Raping Our Youth - One College at a Time

Listen to what Obama is telling our youth. We need to work with our college students for a common cause (restoring our Nation.) They must understand that the older generation wants to leave them a legacy that they can wrap their arms around with pride.

Obama spoke to college students in a Virginia community college stating that they must mobilize because special interest groups in Washington will balance the federal budget by reducing educational spending and student aid.

He is attacking Americans via our youth and not even trying to disguise it this time around. This wicked person is using scare tactics saturated with lies and propaganda against our youth in order to win in 2012.

Obama is pretending that he has a budget in place to reduce the deficit by 4 billion and along with that he’s adding additional tax to those who have kept our country alive and well for years. He says he’s increasing spending for education while cutting the deficit by 4 trillion over a 12 year span.

Obama’s philosophy is sick and either he’s mentally unbalanced or just plain wicked; he’s going from college to college with the news that the GOP wants to reduce deficit on the backs of our youth.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, he has enlisted the young entrepreneur who created Facebook (Mark Zuckerberger) to assist him in promoting his propaganda.

So, while the Republicans are doing whatever Republicans do in the White House – Obama is raping our youth. We must stop this horrific crime that’s happening in front of our eyes!

I believe we have a wave of young college students who realize they were scammed in 2008 by Obama and they don’t want this to happen the second time. Read what some college students are doing in Iowa; they call themselves the College Republicans.

College Republicans Launch Ad In Iowa Focused On National Debt – please take time to see what some of our young people are doing. (1) They’ve done their homework, and (2) They have joined us in our fight to “take back our country.”

Go here to view their blog and watch their excellent video.
A 22 year-old created this video – he’s just starting to warm up as he learns about politics.


Two thoughts come to mind. First, if we join College Republicans and other youth groups we can help them educate other young people about the crimes committed against our country in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Obama will not have his way with our youth of America in 2012!

Secondly, where were we when our Government was taken from us – no longer a government of the people, for the people or by the people? I truly apologize for all of us who sat by and complacently let this happen to our children.

To our Tea Party Nation, Latino friends and African American friends of all ages – please join us and support our College Republicans and other youth organizations that have joined the fight against the Obama Administration.

So, while the Republicans are doing whatever Republicans do in the White House – Obama is raping our youth. We must stop this horrific crime that’s happening right under our noses!

America we must join our youth and restore our Nation – we can’t continue trying to be politically correct; our kids are the future and let’s stop Obama in his tracks by following the wonderful roadmap (our Constitution) that our forefathers prepared for each and everyone.

“May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca