What Ted Cruz Did Two Days Before the NH Debate

I hopped on over to C-Span today to see a live campaign event Ted Cruz had in New Hampshire, and I came across this from last week:

New Hampshire Forum on Addiction and Recovery

Apparently there was a forum on drug and alcohol addiction and recovery on Thursday, Feb. 4, hosted by Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hooksett, New Hampshire. If you don’t have hours to watch the whole thing, I recommend viewing from 00:40:20 to 1:29:30.

Ted Cruz spoke at length about the tragic struggle of his late sister with drugs as well as the story of his father’s addiction to alcohol and its affect on his family, sharing also the tale of hope and redemption in the latter case. You will hear some familiar notes in this extended story, but it is still quite poignant. Also, Cruz made an effective connection to border security. Afterward, Cruz participated in a roundtable discussion, which included representatives of law enforcement, charity groups, and other families.

Introducing Cruz was Paul Porter, who movingly spoke on his lifelong struggle with drugs and how it took him from the height of success to about as low a place as someone can go. He provides a compelling testimony to the role of God and AA in his recovery. This is well worth viewing. Porter is also part of the Cruz campaign in New Hampshire, having sought out Rick Tyler when he saw Ted’s announcement speech at Liberty University. Porter’s segment begins at 40:30, after a speech by Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (D).

As far as I can tell, no other candidate attended the forum or sent a representative. That’s not to say they aren’t doing worthy things you won’t hear about on the major networks either. I just thought you’d like to see the kinds of things this mean, nasty guy is up to.