Ron Paul is wrong: Ahmadinejad’s Iran is armed and dangerous

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Texas Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is quite the libertarian firecracker. With slogans like “End the Fed” and “End All Wars Now,” Paul excites and equally lures fans—at times, fanatical ones—to his cause.

Who could deny his economic prowess? Most conservatives agree with him on upholding the Constitution, observing limited government, and eliminating federal waste. They also empathize with ideas like spending cuts, and the elimination the Departments of Education and the Environmental Protection Act, to name a few.

Nevertheless, his foreign policy views alarm many on the Right.

Paul makes sense in one regard: the United States cannot police the world and fund enemy nations. For example, it is counterintuitive to give Iran, Pakistan, and the newly formed Fatah-Hamas “Palestinian” government money.

Most conservatives accordingly deviate from Paul’s non-interventionist and arguably isolationist philosophy when he calls America an “occupier” and “aggressor.” Additionally, they view his demonization of a healthy U.S.-Israel relationship with great disdain.

Ron Paul waves to his supporters (Image: Associated Press)

During the Ames debate in August, Paul said the following about Iran: “Even our own CIA gives me this information that they have no evidence that they are working on a weapon.”

Shortly afterward, Paul elaborated that the United States has no right to interfere with Iran, suggesting that Iran can develop nuclear weapons to “successfully compete with other nations.” Accordingly, conservative talk show host Mark Levin countered Paul’s statements with the following: “Hitler would have wanted nukes too.”

Paul’s remarks aside, Iran under Ahmadinejad is armed and dangerous in all regards.

The Middle Eastern tyrant—also known as A-jad—is bringing his anti-American and anti-Semitic views to the United Nations this week.

Fifteen students from Columbia University’s International Relations Council and Association (CIRCA) have been invited to a private dinner with him on September 21,2011.

This comes as no surprise. Columbia has historically kowtowed to leftist and, often times, anti-Semitic and anti-American speakers and agendas.  September 21marks Ahmadinejad’s second meeting with Columbia students, the first being Columbia’s World Leaders Forum in 2007. It should be duly noted that Columbia invited Nazi Germany’s ambassador to the United States Hans Luther in 1933—signaling its historical embrace of dictators and their apparatchiks.

In response to the brutal dictator’s visit to the United States, Shurat HaDin —Israel Law Center—a Tel Aviv-based law firm—intends to challenge the legality of Ahmadijedad’s visit. They cite Iranian human rights abuses and state-sponsored terrorism as premises for such a case:

 “Hosting Ahmadinejad at a banquet is not merely morally repulsive: It is illegal and will expose Columbia University and its officers to both criminal prosecution and civil liability to American citizens and others victimized by Iranian- sponsored terrorist,” the Tel Aviv-based NGO wrote to the university’s President Lee Bollinger last week.

In addition to its capability in developing nuclear weapons, Iran boasts flawed policies.

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is on the forefront exposing Iran’s human rights abuses.

Criticizing the government is discouraged and punishable by law. Compared to Iran, the United States permits Americans to criticize and challenge their government. The opposite is found in Iran:

 Right now, if you criticize high-ranking officials of the government, it won’t get published. Whichever newspaper wants to publish this criticism will be banned or if a website wishes to publish this kind of talk, it will get into trouble. For the past several months, none of the interviews I have done have been published in full.

Ethic discrimination is also rampant. Those deemed “minorities” in Iran have limited to nonexistent rights:

 The limited enjoyment of political, economic, social and cultural rights by, inter alia, Arab, Azeri, Baluchi, Kurdish communities and some communities of non-citizens, in particular with regard to housing, education, freedom of expression and religion, health and employment, despite the economic growth in [the country.]

 Additionally, Iran is notorious for sponsoring worldwide terror and for carrying out violence against gays and women.

Moreover, Iran’s unabashed dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Holocaust denier, anti-Semite, and 9-11 truther. On numerous occasions, he has blamed Zionists for 9-11 and has called for Israel’s destruction.

Ron Paul’s wacky statements about Iran should be properly addressed. The country poses a threat to our nation’s well-being, its own inhabitants, and the rest of the free world.

Encourage Congress to support tougher sanctions on Iran, which endorses and funds Hamas, Hezbollah, and other agents of terror worldwide.

“Apathy is the glove in which evil slips its hand.” –Anonymous