Glenn Beck Successfully Launches GBTV

“Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative.” –Glenn Beck

Do you miss Glenn Beck, his chalkboard, and his Fox News show? Want the latest from Beck and Mercury Radio Arts? Fear not: conservative commentator and radio talk show host Glenn Beck is coming to a computer near you! Launching GBTV on September 12, 2011 the show’s tagline is “The Truth Lives Here”.

Accordingly, the conservative commentator’s television network promises to be unlike any other and the first episode of “The Glenn Beck Show” under the GBTV banner was impressive.

Since leaving Fox News Channel in June, Beck has worked tirelessly to produce high-quality material to viewers and subscribers. The quality of production was impeccable, as there were no glitches or problems viewing the show.

More importantly, Beck viewers have become more inspired to challenge President Obama and both parties with his return to television encouraging GBTV subscribers to take action to restore this country’s greatness.

“We are starting a movement in America, but the rest is up to you,” said Beck. “Don’t get angry. Become determined.”  Beck did not hesitate to call Obama an anti-American president remarking  “The president is a Marxist. There, I said it.”

Glenn Beck in the shadow of the Rally to Restore Honor in DC.

Just like old times, Beck entertained and equally educated his viewers in the first episode. He discussed the tenth anniversary of 9-11, the imminent danger of radical Islam, the importance of 9-12, and the important news stories of today.

Mayor Bloomberg denied invitations to clergymen and 9-11 first responders for yesterday’s commemorative events, so Beck had them on his program. He thanked them for comforting and protecting citizens on that terrible day and the proceeding years, while thanking them for being unsung heroes. It was touching and equally heartwarming to see these men appreciated for their talents and bravery, as many have lost sight on the importance of faith and security in America.

Beck also talked about the threat of radical Islam. He invited terror expert and The Terrorist Next Door author Erick Stakelbeck to shed light on the problem of creeping Shar’ia in the United States. He noted that mosques have nearly doubled in size since 9-11, from 1,200 to over 2,000.

Glenn Beck also had GBTV correspondent S.E. Cupp on to discuss the CNN/Tea Party Republican Debate in Tampa, Florida. Additionally, FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe came on to discuss the importance of 9-12 and the Tea Party Movement.

This is what viewers can expect with a subscription to GBTV.  At this current time, GBTV boasts over 230,000 subscribers, more members than media queen Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, which boasts 156,000 subscribers.

Subscribers to GBTV can listen to Glenn Beck’s radio show 24/7 and  watch The Glenn Beck Show at 5-7 pm EST each weekday, listen to the 4th Hour of the Glenn Beck Radio Program, watch GBTV humorist Brian Sack crack jokes in B.S. of A, learn important history lessons with Beck University, and much more.

Fox News commentator and conservative author S.E. Cupp will be the chief GBTV University correspondent. She will be traveling across the country to universities to bring awareness to liberal bias on campus.

Here is a better glimpse of GBTV:

GBTV is Glenn’s new live HD Video Network, featuring his two hour daily program, plus a full slate of original Glenn Beck Programming, news, documentaries, reality and behind-the-scenes shows, and much more. GBTV is Glenn Beck originals that you just can’t get anywhere else.

At either level, GBTV or GBTV plus is your inside ticket to the program that Glenn’s always wanted to make, brought to you in stunning quality wherever you are, whenever you want. It’s the network of tomorrow, a day early.

Remember, the truth has no agenda.

Cross-posted from Washington Times Communities