Men are not capable of caring for a family

Did the feminists, media and the Senator Obama camp fail to look at the Palin family portrait? Are feminists and today’s media saying that a husband is not capable of caring for one’s family? Is the First Gentleman of Alaska, Todd Palin, not helping raise his five children?

Men, you should be up in arms over this. The media is saying you can’t care for a sick child. For all you divorced men fighting for “parenting” rights, does this not offend you?

Feminists should be ashamed. Over and over I’ve heard – “I’m voting for Hillary, finally a woman to vote for!” Well, guess what… Governor Palin is also a woman. Are you choosing to turn a deaf ear because she has children, is married and is already a Governor of a State! Is it that Hillary only had one child and Sarah has five? Where you not mad that Hillary stuck by her “cheating” man? Yet, here you have a strong woman who doesn’t have a “cheating” man. Or is that it – you just simply hate men and can’t see past what an opportunity this is for women – all of us women? I’m sorry that she’s been successful at juggling family, career and country. Or is it just because she doesn’t have every one of your political views? I know Hillary didn’t either, but you chose to turn and look the other way. Maybe you are mad because she doesn’t play the “victim” card. I have always supported the feminist movement, but some of you are giving the movement a bad name.

Shame on the media – Sally Quinn, a columnist with The Washington Post – Are you not a woman and a parent? Obviously not and you have some hidden shame in not being able to “do it all” as feminists claim. Here’s a news flash for you – she’s happily married and Todd helps with the kids!

Mr. Howard Gutman – Are you saying Senator Obama isn’t putting his family first because he has a loving wife at home to do so? News flash – Senator Biden was a “single” father who went to work, are you questioning his loyalty to his family? I would hope not.

Feminists and Media Don’t Read Below – It May Shock You!

Senator Blanche Lincoln, Democrat from Arkansas – Has she been asked how she and her husband Dr. Steve Lincoln, care for their twin sons? Quick, she’s married and a proud parent, the youngest female Senator and she’s having a successful career – call the media!

Oops, another Alaskan – Senator Lisa Murkowski is married with two children.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, also a Democrat – yikes, she’s divorced and is a single mother. Also a former model and renowned surgeon, how in the _ did she do that as a mother?

Senator Barbara Boxer of California, also a Democrat – she was married with children too – But hey, maybe no questions were asked because…In 1994, her daughter, Nicole Boxer, married Tony Rodham, brother of then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a ceremony at the White House. The couple had one son, Zachary, and divorced in 2000.

Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, also a Democrat – Oh my, how did she do it? She had two children and got divorced. Then remarried and has a step-daughter. Three kids, oh my!

Senator Patty Murray of Washington, also a Democrat – married with two children.

Do I need to go on? I can.