Loyalty in Government

Loyalty is such a broad topic of debate in today’s world. We all seek loyalty at some level amongst our families, friends, employers, employees, schools, communities and yes government.

Loyalty is an important part of ethics. The philosopher Josiah Royce once said it was the supreme moral good, and that one’s devotion to an object mattered more than the merits of the object itself. Plato originally said that only a man who is just can be loyal, and that loyalty is a condition of genuine philosophy.

Loyalty needs to reside with the American people. During the past several years we have watched several of our elected officials make decisions that benefit themselves, instead of voting and fighting for the people who elected them. They take actions that advance their aspirations, instead of the aspirations of our great nation. Ensnarement with individuals who are disloyal to America only to disassociate when brought to light or damage to ones own political aspirations arise.

Loyalty is demonstrated in ones desire to protect our nation and stand up to those who attempt to defile it in words, actions and associations.

There is only one Presidential candidate in our upcoming election, who has demonstrated Loyalty to America – at all cost, who has never defiled America or her people through words and associations, and who will continue to be Loyal to America and her people.

I believe they are and have been Loyal to America and her people. I believe they will cross party lines, do the necessary shaking Washington needs, and serve the people of America. They will create change and inspire Loyalty.

John McCain, thank you for being a Loyal American. Thank you for demonstrating strong ethics. Thank you for your leadership. And thank you for choosing Governor Sarah Palin as your Vice President.

God Bless